The University of WA released their top ten tips for exams last week, based on strategies that have worked for previous students.

The researches also emphasised that exam results were not a measure of who you are as a person.

Students were reminded of the distraction caused by social media, with considerable research now showing the difficulties of multi-tasking when trying to take in information.

UWA's top ten tips:

1. plan ahead by working back from each exam deadline to construct a realistic study timetable

2. develop a strategy to concentrate on your weakest areas of knowledge first

3. practise answering past exam papers in mock exam conditions

4. convert class work into flow charts, mind maps or diagrams

5. use memory techniques to convert information from short term to long term memory

6. explain the topic to friends or family members to identify subject knowledge

7. maintain a work/life balance by studying in short bursts

8. check exam times, locations and requirements ahead of time

9. during the exam, tackle the easiest task first

10. afterwards, unwind and don't worry about the exam

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