The purpose of the celebrations is to promote an intergenerational celebration of seniors, recognise and thank seniors for their contributions, challenge negative stereotypes of seniors and present a positive image of aging and encourage younger Western Australians to improve their health and well-being by recognising the importance health plays for later life.

There are many ways to be part of the celebrations:


  •   Have a Go Day  (Wednesday 12th November)  at Burswood Park - a day to try a variety of sporting and recreational activities. Last year 14.000 people attended the event, and this year there is planned at least 200 different sites to explore..
  •   Seniors in The City ( Thursday 13th November) at Central Park, 12pm. - catch the West Australian Opera at a free lunchtime performance in the CBD.
  •   CAT Bus Trails ( all week) - four free self-guided bus tours based around the Bus routes in the City and Fremantle ( print off trail maps at
  •  Active Seniors Festival ( Saturday 15th November) - a free program of information, entertainment at the Perth Cultural Centre and the Living Longer Living Stronger Awards.
  •   Physical activity benefits body and mind and the benefits are many, including overall wellbeing, improved self-esteem, improved mental health and physical health, social interaction, control of blood-pressure, osteoporosis, cholesterol, diabetes and arthritis.
  • The Living Longer, Living Stronger program supports these aims for those over 50.  It is a strength and exercise program. There are currently over 50 locations in Western Australia who are participating in the Program. Each person enrolled in the program is assessed prior to starting, with an individualised strength training plan suited to their level of fitness and health. All instructors are qualified and carry and accreditation allowing them to run the sessions. All sessions and assessment fees are capped by the Council on the Aging Western Australia ( COTA). Rebates may be available from Medicare and private Health funds.

The web page for locating the nearest individual accredited providers is or phone COTA WA at  9321 2133

The address to find all the activities planned for the week of Celebrations is

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