Musicians Unite to help Ebola Victims - Do They Know its Christmas released 17th November 2014

Thirty years after the first Band Aid single , Do They Know its Christmas? was recorded in the same studio, in the same month, with several new faces.  The single is to be released on Monday 17th November. One Direction, Bono, Sinead O'Connor, Ed Sheeran and Chris Martin are among the many who volunteered to join a fund-raiser with the same song ( some lyrics have been changed to reflect the different cause), the Ebola Crisis.

The original raised millions of dollars for the famine stricken people of Ethiopia and it is hoped the current release will also raise significant funds to a new cause.

The largest outbreak of Ebola disease (EBD) ever reported continues in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in West Africa. Another unrelated outbreak has been reported from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Regular updates are available from the World health Organisation ( WHO) and the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC). WHO has reported that the outbreak in Senegal is over and Nigeria is also free of EBD transmission.

The Office of Heath Protection has  now released updated advice on current measures that have been put in place.

Arrivals from West Africa number approximately 10 per week. all travellers will be moved to a quarantined area, where their temperature is taken and their risk assessed. Their details will be forwarded to the relevant Public Health Unit for monitoring and follow-up.

If a returned traveller develops symptoms after entry to Australia, they are advised not to contact their GP, but to call a dedicated national Ebola hotline, 1800 186 815. The DOH has developed material for GPs on the evaluation of patients with possible Ebola and ongoing advice for management.

Further information is available at the Australia Department of Health - Ebola website (

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