The Department of Health has released a warning regarding Ross River Virus in the South-West . Recent above average rainfall and increase water lying around the District has contributed to make mosquito control difficult.

To reduce the risk of Mosquito bites:


  • avoid outdoors exposure around dusk and dawn
  • wear long, loose-fitting and light-coloured clothing when outdoors
  • apply personal repellent such as 20% DEET or picaridin to exposed skin. The most effective formulations are lotions and gels. Natural or organic repellants may not be as effective and may need repeated applications
  • use mosquito proof tents and nets if sleeping outdoors

A website has been developed for those celebrating the end of their secondary schooling.  Everyone involved in leavers planning is committed to improving the enjoyment and safety of leavers and the communities they visit.

The website includes contributions from many organisations involved and has useful advice and information.

Tips for Leavers from the website:


  1. 1. Look after yourself. Look after your mates
  2. 2. Carry photo ID
  3. 3. Wear the leavers wrist bands if at Rottnest Island or Dunsborough ( wristbands allow access to a range of activities, discounts and services and help police keep " toolies" away from celebrations)
  4. 4. Respect the town and community you are visiting
  5. 5. Know the rules of your accommodation
  6. 6. Keep your valuables safe
  7. 7. Stay safe when travelling
  8. 8. know the Law
  9. 9. Know your limits

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