The 2014 theme for World Aids day is " Focus, Partner, Achieve: an AIDS-free Generation".

AIDS awareness week, culminating in World AIDS Day is an annual event that provides an opportunity to have people think about how we can stop the spread of HIV, reduce its impact and overcome HIV discrimination.

There is now the possibility of reducing the risk of contracting HIV infection, not only with safe-sex and safe drug injecting practices, but a course of anti-HIV drugs that is taken as soon as possible after possible exposure to HIV infection. These medications may help reduce the risk of developing HIV after sexual exposure ( unsafe sex or broken condom) sharing injecting equipment or needlestick injury. Post Exposure Prophylaxis ( PEP) is not a cure for HIV/AIDS.

Advice about whether you are at risk is available with your GP, or by calling the PEP line on 1300 767 161. ( if you call after midnight you will normally be advised to attend one of the sexual health clinics later that day).  It is necessary to consider details of the exposure, how much time has passed since the event and whether the HIV status of the person or people involved is known.

You can get PEP from metropolitan sexual health clinics, some  hospital Emergency Departments and GPs with a special interest in HIV/AIDS.

PEP involves taking a two drug combination daily for four weeks without missing doses. The medications do have possible side-effects and managing these will be part of a discussion on their use.

The treatment is not a morning-after pill, is not easy, but is there if needed.

To mark World Aids Day, Apple and other app developers are inviting their customers to help (RED) achieve the goal of an AIDS-free generation by featuring a special section called Apps for (RED) which will offer 24 apps with exclusive new content, where all proceeds of purchases go straight to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. Many developers are creatively using ( RED) inspired content and experiences, including Angry Birds, Bubble Witch 2 and Clash of Clans. Apple is also donating a portion of sales at online and retail stores worldwide on Monday 1st December.

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