A doughnut chain opened last week, breaking the company record for selling the most doughnuts in one day, 73 000 in a frenzy unlike anything seen here.

This is equivalent to more than 800kg of sugar and 950kg of fat. The nutritional information on the website gives the original glazed donut as having 160 Calories,13g fat ( 2.5 teaspoons)  11g sugar (3 teaspoons ) or 70 minutes or moderate paced walking, and a Choc-iced Donut as continuing 350 Calories,12g fat  (2.5 teaspoons ), 25g sugar (6.4 teaspoons ) or 2 hrs 20 minutes of moderate walking.

Eating one Choc- iced donut a week without changing any other part of  diet or exercise will result in at least 2.5 kg weight gain over a year.

Doughnuts are clearly an occasional treat in a health diet, it is very easy to consume empty , concentrated calories and difficult to " shed" fat at a fast rate The Health Department issued a doughnut directive via its LiveLighter Facebook page, revealing the details regarding doughnuts and encouraging West Australians to use the LiveLighter website for useful information, tips , recipes and resources to help reduce the incidence of 1 in 4 Australians currently measuring up as obese. 

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