People have been making resolutions for the New Year for thousands of years as evidence from ancient Babylonian writings have shown. There is some evidence that's making resolutions at the beginning of a year is more successful than at other times, but also evidence that we tend to set unrealistic goals and are unable to maintain the resolution for very long.

Small, realistic changes to improve health and wellbeing are achievable :

  • Switch to drinking water from sugary juices and soda drinks
  • Reduce added salt
  • Reduce alcohol, try alternating drinks, set alcohol free days every week
  • Stop smoking, log onto or phone the Quitline : 13 7848
  • Plan the weekly menu, make a shopping list, don't shop with an empty stomach, don't take junk foods, lollies, chips and ice cream home from the Supermarket
  • Try some food swaps. slowly swap to more healthy choices, use the FoodSwitch phone app to scan a product barcode and see whether there is an alternative that is more healthy
  • Use the Internet , find some workouts on YouTube you may enjoy and appeal to you, from Michelle Bridges programmes  to yoga
  • Use one of the many phone apps such as CalorieKing, MapMyFitness, Gymprovise, RunningMap, Couch-to-5k, MapMyRun and MyFitnessPal to audit your intake and exercise
  • Move a bit more each day, the Healthy Living Network ( funded by the Federal Government) is a registration portal listing lifestyle service providers, programs and activities close by, such as a local walking group
  • Use a wearable device to track your movement , there are many different gadgets available, some of the most popular are Fitbit, Jawbone and Nike+Fuel Band. The choice of fitness gadget for you depends on how bulky the device is, how much you want to track, are the goals set sustainable for you and whether you need a display to get immediate information.
  • Start some exercise for fun











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