The causes of Ovarian cancer are unknown, and research in Australia and Overseas is underway regarding the various factors. Ovarian Cancer Australia has several fundraising projects during February raising money for research ( The CancerHelpUK website has up to date information regarding research pilots and current trends.

There are factors that may increase or decrease the risk of developing Ovarian Cancer. The known risk factors include:

  • Family history and genetics are linked to  10-15% of the diagnosed Ovarian Cancer. Inheriting  a faulty gene such as the BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation, or a woman who has two or more relations from the same side of her family affected by ovarian or breast cancer
  • Age. Ovarian Cancer is most common after 50 years of age ( but can affect all ages)
  • Women who have had no children, never used the oral contraceptive or had children after 30years have slightly increased rick.
  • Endometriosis
  • Lifestyles factors such as obesity, smoking or eating a high fat diet
  • Being Caucasian and living in a Western Country
  • Multiple exposure to fertility drugs
  • Early puberty or late menopause
  • Perhaps genital exposure to talcum powder or asbestos powder used in some condoms, douches and powders, women using oestrogen only hormone replacement therapy

Having had several children, breastfeeding and using the contraceptive pill have all been shown to reduce the risk of Ovarian Cancer.

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