One kilogram bags of Nannas frozen mixed berries have been recalled from supermarkets across Australia due to possible contamination . The berries have a two year shelf life and any products purchased from October 2014 onwards could be affected. No other products have been recalled.

The recall was made after several cases of hepatitis A diagnosed in Victoria have no travel, restaurant or food link apart from having eaten this product recently.

Those who have bought the berries have been advised not to eat them, but return them to the place of purchase for a full refund. The Victorian Packing Company responsible advised that concerned customers can also call 1800 650 669 for further information from the company.

Hepatitis A is inflammation of the liver caused by the Hepatitis A virus. It is usually spread by eating food contaminated by human faeces ( poo) of those with the infection, or drinking contaminated water.

The symptoms usually appear about 4 weeks after exposure and include tiredness, aches and pains, loss of appetite , nausea and vomiting , fever, right sided stomach pains and progresses to jaundice.

Young children often have no symptoms, but older children and adults are affected more severely. The symptoms can last several weeks and the tiredness longer.

The diagnosis requires a blood test to look for the antibodies produced by the virus.

There is a vaccination available , which is often given for those traveling to developing countries, those who work in at risk environments such as childcare , plumbers and isolated aboriginal settlements and those with liver disease. Following a booster vaccination given at  6-12 months from the first, lifelong immunity is possible. 

Update about the Frozen Berries

Following further Hepatitis A cases in NSW and Victoria another Company has announced product recalls of frozen mixed berries.

Creative Gourmet 300 g packets with best before dates up to December 2017 and 500g packets with best before dates up to October 2017.



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