The Dietician's Association of Australia promote events to help raise awareness of the importance of achieving and maintaining at health lifestyle and weight, offering tips for weight management .

Traits of successful weight losers were tracked since 1994 in a U.S. Study of 10 000 people who shed 13 kg or more and maintained  their weight lose for more than a year , the common factors were:

  • Eat breakfast
  • Exercise daily for at least an hour a day
  • Keeping awareness of food intake and exercise done during weekends and holidays
  • Weigh yourself weekly
  • Limit screen time to less than 10 hours per week

The Healthy Diet Study of 2014 in Australia, surveyed 1000 people and found that 87% were confused about healthy eating, mainly due to conflicting information regarding which foods were healthy. The most popular source of information for those surveyed was from family and friends.

The Dieticians Association has produced some hints for starting to improve eating habits, and has released a recipe book to download to provide inspiration at

The first suggestion given by the Dieticians Association for starting a health eating plan is to prepare meals from scratch. Those who prepare food at home have been shown to eat smaller portions, fewer kilojoules, less saturated fats and less salt. Other hints include:

  • Don't shop when you are hungry
  • Purchase smaller dinner plates
  • Chose health snacks
  • Avoid sugary drinks
  • Sit less
  • Watch the types of fats you eat
  • Go for 2 fruits and 5 veges
  • Reduce sugar
  • Watch your portion size
  • Fill your plate with half veges or salad
  • Use websites such as LiveLighter to make healthy swaps
  • Use the trackers and wearable technologies to audit your intake and exercise and sleep and help make small adjustments and set small and achievable goals












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