Smiling Mind launched a campaign on 16 th February called #7days7ways.

Each day for 7 consecutive days, the program focuses on a different aspect of mindfulness, through daily emails and social media. It is designed to cover mindful moments, mindful eating, balance and gratitude and is a very accessible  introduction to mindful meditation. 

Meditation involves retraining the way our mind pays attention and can help shut out unhelpful thoughts and relax. When practiced regularly meditation can also boost health in the longer term and has been used in the management of stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Mindfulness meditation emphasizes focusing on the present moment, while observing, but not judging or responding to thoughts and emotions. 

Smiling Mind is a modern web-based program of exercises to help relax and reduce stress, with a variety of online sessions which become more advanced as your skills improve,  daily meditation activities of different lengths and with programs designed for various age groups from 7yrs to adult. 

The campaign introduces modern mindfulness meditation as a free tool to help improve wellbeing and is available as a smartphone App (IOS and Android)or online.

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