Men's Health

Men face a range of health issues including blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels, digestive problems, diabetes, prostate issues, sexual health issues, and more. Our team can provide advice and healthcare solutions tailored specifically for you.  

At CBD West Medical Centre we provide a range of services to help you overcome any health issues you may be facing. From regular checkups, to sexual health screenings (STI screen), we can meet any needs you may have. 

Our doctors are non-judgmental, and very approachable, so you can feel confident talking to them about any health issue. Commonly encountered and very personal problems, such as erectile dysfunction (difficulty in the bedroom), premature ejaculation, genital herpes (HSV) and genital warts (HPV) infections are some of the issues we regularly deal with. 

Your sexual preference (Heterosexual, Gay Homosexual, Bisexual) will determine what screening services are recommended. All are welcome!

Checking for cancers, such as bowel cancer (report any blood from your anus/rectum immediately), skin cancer (skin checks, mole checks, melanoma checks, squamous cell cancer [SCC] checks, basal cell cancer [BCC] checks), prostate cancer, testicular cancer is important, and we can perform all of those tests for you.

Heart attacks and strokes are common in men, and at a younger age than in women. You can substantially reduce your risk with regular checkups, heart scans, calcium scores and CT angiograms. Discuss at your next visit!

Blokes get mental health issues too. Please do not hesitate to seek help for anxiety, depression or mental health problems. Your GP is a good starting point to access treatment such as counselling, psychologist treatment (which can be via a GP Mental Health Care Plan [GPMHCP] under Medicare), or medicine (drug treatment). 

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