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Grey hair, hair loss, wrinkles and old age have been listed by The Centre For Disease Control ( CDC) in a recently released update of possible commonly used vaccine side-effects. The list also includes increasing the risk of developing hearing loss, arthritis and dementia, all the problems associated with aging. A spokesman for the CDC announced these additions to the commonly known[more]


The first phase of the Western Australian, "Think Mental Health" campaign has been launched. The targets for the first phase of the campaign are men aged 25 to 54 years living in Western Australia and their family and friends, because three out of four deaths by suicide in Western Australia are male.. WA's suicide rate was approximately 20 per cent higher than the national average f[more]


Sunscreen use is recommended as part of the SunSmart, Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide message encouraging us to be SunSmart. Sunscreens contain active ingredients as physical blockers of the damaging UV radiation or chemical blockers, many contain both. Chemical blockers absorb the UV radiation, convert it to heat and dissipate it through your skin. Physical blockers reflect the UV an[more]


Christmas is about family, sharing and relaxing but can also be a time where health goals are put on hold. The average Australian gains between 0.5 and 2.5 kg over the festive season. Here are our tips for a healthy, enjoyable festive season.  1. Don't forget the basics of five vegetables and two pieces of fruit, put them on your plate first and fill up with healthy food, leav[more]


Many websites selling medicines via the Internet are legitimate businesses and the ease and often reduced prices offered by online shopping is tempting, but some websites are not legitimate and some are fake sites selling out of date, poor quality, contaminated and even fake products. Overseas websites are not regulated by the Therapeutic[more]


The Oxford Dictionary has chosen "Toxic" as the word mostrepresenting the preoccupations, mood and ethos of the year. There aredescriptions of the political conversations, #MeToo and toxicmasculinity, to concerns about environmental poisons and the ongoingfashion for de-tox programs to eliminate toxins associated with poorlifestyle and diet choices, all linked by the word, "Toxic&qu[more]


Anxiety and depression before and after the arrival of a baby are common, usually temporary and treatable. Early detection, support and assistance can reduce the duration, the severity and the recurrence of the feelings .  Antenatal depression in Australia is estimated to affect one in ten women and postnatal depression one in six. If anxiety or lower moods affect a w[more]


Prostate cancer occurs when abnormal cells develop in the prostate gland.  The abnormal cells can continue to multiply and can spread outside the prostate. It is generally a slow growing, low-grade cancer and many men live for many years without symptoms and without it spreading and threatening life. The cause of prostate cancer is unknown. It is the second most common cancer in men worl[more]


The annual charity started in 2003 targets the most common health issues for men, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide. Men grow a moustache or commit to walking or running 60 kilometres over the month to raise funds and awareness for men's health projects. Men die on average six years earlier than women. Suicide is a leading cause of death for Australian men, more [more]


Headlines internationally have warned of an increased risk of cancer associated with taking angiotensin converting enzyme  (ACE) Inhibitor medications such as enalapril and lisinopril  ( commonly used to treat hypertension and protect against heart attack and stroke) .  Researchers in Canada published the results of a large cohort study in the British Medica[more]


Last week was Fertility Week, Healthy You, Healthy Baby. It has been known for many years that the healthier the woman, the higher the chance of a healthy pregnancy and baby at birth. In the last twenty years, more evidence has been gathering about the influence of both men and women's health on fertility and on the health of the baby at birth and for the lifetime of the child. Fact[more]


Hayfever is the most common allergic disorder in Australia, it is estimated to affect 15% of the population. The symptoms can cause significant disruption to sleep, concentration, learning and daily function for children and adults. The cause is a reaction to wind pollinated tress, grasses and weeds, house dust mites, animal dander and mould spores. The Australasian Society of Clinical Immun[more]


The Do You See What I See? campaign aims to challenge perceptions about mental illness, encouraging everyone to look at mental illness with a more positive light to reduce stigma and make it easier to seek support and help for the one in five Australians affected by mental illness every year. . The campaign has enrolled over 700 organisations asking everyone to make a #MentalHealthPromis[more]


September was Dementia Awareness Month. The theme was Small actions. Big Difference.  Dementia is a condition associated with a reduction in brain function, the symptoms being loss memory for finding the the right word for everyday objects, lapses in recent memory , vagueness in everyday conversation, reduced thinking skills such as making decisions, planning , b[more]


The annual Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Health of the Nation Report has just been released, identifying the current health trends and issues for General Practice . Patients see GPs more than any other health professional and 84% visit their GP multiple times a year. Three in every four patents report that their GP always listens carefully, shows respect [more]


Freezing eggs does not mean that women are guaranteed a child, it can be stressful, expensive, unsuccessful and unnecessary. Various surveys have found the main reasons given for egg freezing include not having sufficient financial means to support a child yet, choosing to focus on a career, health issues and not having a partner. Many couples choose to freeze frozen embryos in[more]


A recent report published by the University of New South Wales announced that 18% of IVF cycles in Australia and New Zealand result in a live birth Of the just over 81 000 initiated IVF cycles in 2016-2017, 82.2% resulted in either a successful embryo transfer or all oocytes/embryos being preserved at subzero temperatures for use in IVF ( cryopreservation) In 2016-2017 the highest annual number of[more]


The annual R U OK Day reminds us to stay connected, have meaningful conversations and encourage more people to ask R U OK at work, school and in the community. The website includes suggestions for simple steps that could save a life : 1. Ask 2. Listen 3. Encourage action 4. Check in There are conversations tips, videos of how to ask and resources including how to find professional help if nee[more]


The Women's Health Survey of more than 15,000 women who are juggling children, the digital world,career and aging parents  is now available, revealing more women are exercising ( 70.3% are doing more than 2 hours of moderate exercise weekly)  and less are smoking ( 90.5%)  but there are concerning statistics regarding their wellbeing with: 50.8% of surveyed women describe[more]


The measles virus is highly contagious , being spread by coughing and sneezing, it remains one of the leading causes of death among young children worldwide despite there being a safe and effective vaccine in use since the 1960s.  Those infected are contagious for 4 days before and after the blotchy rash develops. Before the introduction of the vaccine in 1963, major epidemics [more]


It is difficult to anticipate the many situations that may be encountered when travelling, but many resources are easily available to make travel plans easier and safer,  with the airline food, carrying medication on your person at all times, locating local hospitals and emergency contact numbers, food labelling lists in various countries, translation cards for your wallet[more]


The Essure contraceptive device was removed from the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods in early February 2018. The device began supply in 1999 and was  recalled in August 2017 and no new devices supplied after this recall. There have been a number of news articles regarding the Essure this month in response to a class action being launched against the manufacturer of the device, B[more]


Zika has not gone away, the virus has continued to spread at low levels through many areas of the world. Many people infected with Zika virus do not get sick or have mild symptoms. Infection during pregnancy can cause severe birth defects. The Centre for Disease Control ( CDC) has updated guidance for couples who have been possibly exposed to Zika virus or are known to have been infected [more]


It is estimated that I in 3 Australians aged over 45 years of age  are taking omega-3 supplements, the global market for omega-3 supplements is now estimated to be worth $33 billion. Many of those taking additional omega-3 supplements are doing so in the belief that the additional omega-3 supplements help prevent heart attack a strokes.  The Cochrane Database has just pub[more]


Maintaining your mental health is as important as maintaining your physical health , our minds need training too. It is not always as obvious how to train your mind, compared to training our bodies. Headspace has launched a new campaign - headcoach. The advice is specific for young men, helping them to understand that mental health is just as important to understand as physical health.They have [more]


Millions of Australians will avoid certain activities, sports and even social occasions during their lifetime due to bladder and bowel control problems and most will not seek professional help due to embarrassment or the belief that nothing can be done. The numbers are impressive, about 2 out of every 100 young adults wet the bed at night, 4 million Australians have bladder control problems, [more]


Public health officials around the globe were stunned when the American delegation attending the World Health Assembly in Geneva sought to soften the resolution to encourage breast feeding, after decades of research has demonstrated that mother's milk is healthiest for children and countries should strive to limit the inaccurate or misleading marketing of breast milk substitutes. It is believ[more]


The AMA has called for the documentary 'The Magic Pill' by celebrity chef Pete Evans to be removed from the Netflix streaming service. He offers a low-carb, high fat diet as a sole treatment for autism, asthma and cancer . The AMA and other medical organisations are concerned that the" the risk of misinformation is too great" to allow the continued streaming of the do[more]


A month of sobriety every year does not reduce your lifetime risk of harm from alcohol, but does act as a circuit-breaker to help reassess your relationship with regular drinking. You may get to assess the effects it may be having on productivity, relationships and review the amount and circumstances you are drinking under ( for example the automatic pouring of a larger glass of wine while co[more]


There is increasing research indicating online tools can help alleviate or prevent mental illness and well-designed apps are as effective as face-to-face therapies, particularly if there is additional practitioner support. These apps use various strategies for example, providing a better understanding of the physical signs of anxiety, such as increased heart rate and others are used to help modera[more]


The Australian Medical Association and the State Government are both concerned that a recently posted billboard in Northbridge, displaying links to an American anti-vaccination group is promoting dangerous misinformation regarding vaccinations, particularly regarding the risks associated with vaccination and myths regarding long term consequences such as autism, autoimmune disorders and chron[more]


Beyond Blue have released a media statement following the recent news of high profile suicides, encouraging anybody affected to reach out for support, talk to someone you trust, speak to your GP or a mental health professional or call beyondblue Support Service on 1300 22 4636.  "Don't stay silent if you are concerned about somebody. Ask how they are really feeling. A[more]


Stem cells have great potential to help treat a range of diseases, injuries and conditions. Stem cells are those cells that can self-renew and differentiate, they present current and future therapies to replace abnormal or missing cells.. The use of blood stem cells has saved the lives of thousands of children with leukaemia and their benefit is evident in their use for tissue grafts to [more]


Cancer Council WA had planned to use Facebook as one of the platforms for a media campaign, deliberately using plain language to explain the symptoms of bowel, lung, prostate, breast and skin cancer for the community over 40 years and particularly in rural WA. In the most recent statistics, in 2014 more than 12 000 Western Australians were diagnosed with cancer, the top five are bowel, breast, lu[more]


Folate is a vitamin needed for complicated cellular functioning, deficiency causes diarrhoea, anaemia, poor growth, glossitis, gut lesions and increases the risk of neural tube defects in pregnancy.The MTHFR gene is responsible for an enzyme ( methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) MTHFR  production. The enzyme is involved in the conversion of the primary form of circulating [more]


After almost three years of delays, the Hospital has been opened to start accepting patients, initially outpatients, surgery in another two weeks and the emergency department on June 10th,  replacing Princess Margaret Hospital Influenza is a highly contagious infection and the leading cause of vaccine preventable hospitalisation among Australian children under 5 years of age. Children are mo[more]


The recent Four Corner's episode on television discussing the obesity epidemic in Australia and the burgeoning health-care costs associated, exposed the food, nutrition and health politics in Australia over many years and the powerful grip Big Food has on Australian food and nutrition policy. There have been clear links made for some time between free dietary sugars, sugary drink consumption[more]


In past years, there was a push to get your influenza vaccine done as soon as vaccine was available, usually in early March. Research has demonstrated that protection following vaccination starts to wane after three to four months, explaining the strong recommendations from the Australian health departments and the RACGP to have the vaccination closer to the expected 'influenza se[more]


E-cigarettes are nicotine delivery devices operated by batteries that simulate tobacco smoking by producing a vapour. The device vaporizes a liquid which may contain nicotine and often flavours such as chocolate, bubble-gum or fruit. The act of using these devices is called vaping. Manufactures promote e-cigarettes as safer than traditional smoking as no tobacco burning is involved. A re[more]


Exercise is not dangerous in pregnancy, there is some evidence that active women are less likely to experience problems in later pregnancy and labour. The advice remains that the more active and fit you are in pregnancy, the easier it is to adapt to the demands of pregnancy, cope with labour and return to shape after delivery. Exercise also provides well studied benefits to psychological wellbeing[more]


The ground-breaking HIV-prevention medication is now more affordable and accessible through your local GP for Australians after being listed by the PBS subsidised medication programme, 'the decision to list PrEP on the PBS puts Australia in reach of being one of the first countries in the world to end the transmission of HIV' said the Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt on the announcement of the de[more]


A Californian judge has ruled that coffee companies must put a cancer warning on coffee products because acrylamide, chemical produced in the roasting process is a carcinogen under California law. Companies, including Starbucks failed to show that the risk posed by acrylamide in coffee was insignificant. (Of interest, no warning is required on calorie-dense, nutrient poor fast foods and drinks whi[more]


Easter has traditionally been a time for family gatherings and of abundant food, particularly high fat and high sugar offerings such as hot cross buns and Easter eggs. The abundance of food related advertisements encourage us to believe that Easter is about eating as much as possible, particularly chocolate. Mindfulness is about being fully conscious in the moment without making judgement&nb[more]


The RACGP president Dr Bastian Seidel is advising us not to get the flu vaccination too early in the season, as protection during the flu season will be less effective. He made the media announcement in response to many pharmacies this week launching  campaigns that encouraged people to get their flu shots as early as possible. Protection from vaccination is known to reduce over time and[more]


Listeria infection is rare, it is an infection caused by eating foods contaminated by the bacteria, it is not usually transmitted between people. The overall number of cases reported in Australia each year has been about 65, with between 1 to 14 confirmed cases cases of listeriosis reported in pregnant women each year for approximately 300 000 births. Foods associated with infection include unpas[more]


Amongst all the conversation involving women about #MeToo, #NeverAgain, some great news was published about Australian women's health. The International Papillomavirus Society revealed research showing a drop in the HPV rate among women aged 18 to 24years from 22.7% to 1.1%, The prediction is that Australia could become the first country to eradicate cervical cancer. Currently every year[more]


When the Channel Seven breakfast presenter recently urged women to start breast screening at 40 years, ignoring vast amounts of independent medical research about the downsides of cancer screening tests if undertaken outside recommended times or situations, she was possibly hoping to save lives. She then underwent a mammogram at 41years of age ( outside the BreastScreen's targeted starting age of [more]


A recent breakfast television show gave the impression that having a blood test for prostate specific antigen (PSA) and digital rectal examination by a Urologist for prostate cancer was potentially life-saving, and showed a popular presenter having the screening tests done. The specific benefits and harms were not broken down, nor quantified. There was no di[more]


Lena Dunham has written a very personal account of her decision to have a hysterectomy at 31 after years of suffering with endometriosis in the recent issue of Vogue ( In Her Own Words). She describes battling endometriosis for ten years and undergoing nine surgical procedures and how she chose the surgery despite knowing that the surgery does not guarantee that the pain will cease and d[more]


Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women, with three to four times more women dying from heart disease than breast cancer in Australia. Women having a heart attack can have severe chest pain, but  many experience more subtle symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, nausea, burning sensations  similar to heartburn, discomfort in their arms, neck and jaw, sho[more]


Many people use sports supplements for varied and complex reasons, they are widely available over the counter and online. Many use these products to gain muscle mass, lose weight , improve health or performance. Almost 3% of Australian adults reported using a special dietary product in an Australian survey from 2012, with 70% of the supplements being sports and protein beverages or powder. Th[more]


The Children's Commissioner has released the data of a survey of 1800 Western Australian children finding one in five high school students and one in ten primary school students were afraid of being bullied or being hurt in some way. Relationships with peers and friends and teachers were key issues as were relationships with parents and health issues. Commissioner Pettit said this did no[more]


Codeine containing medications will require a prescription from 1st February. The three main reasons given by the Therapeutic Goods Association are: 1. long term regular use of codeine can cause serious harm 2. codeine is not a very effective pain relief for some people 3. there are safer and better alternatives to use if needed Codeine is an active ingredient in many over-the-counter medicine[more]


The 14 year-old girl, who was once the face of Australian hat maker Akubra took her own life because of bullying. The family of Amy Everett, known as Dolly, invited the social media trolls to attend her funeral to see the devastation they had caused. Regardless of whether your child is a target, bystander or perpetrator of cyberbullying behaviour, parents have several resources available on-line [more]


Overseas travel brings great experiences, but has some significant health risks, simple steps such as researching destinations and seeing your GP or Travel Dr for health advice before your trip and getting comprehensive travel insurance are important to reduce the risk of an unexpected illness or complication. Current issues for travellers are: 1. Measles Measles remains endemic in many countrie[more]


Our New Year resolutions are often unrealistic and unachievable, especially when they involve big changes to lifestyle and diet. Smaller changes can be more easily kept and built upon over time. 1, Reduce stress The psychological effects of stress are well known to us, particularly difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite irritability and risk of developing mental health complications.. [more]


Christmas is about family, sharing and relaxing but can also be a time where health goals are put on hold. The average Australian gains between 0.5 and 2.5 kg over the festive season. Here are our tips for a healthy, enjoyable festive season. 1. Don't forget the basics of five vegetables and two pieces of fruit, put them on your plate first and fill up with healthy food, leaving l[more]


A recent television report featured women discussing significant side-effects they believed to have been caused by long-acting reversible contraceptives use such as implanon and the intrauterine system ( Mirena), was unbalanced and failed to present the experience of most women, for whom the devices provide significant benefit, reduced period bleeding and pain an[more]


Cancer Council Australia has announced a strong recommendation against using aerosol sunscreens , the Council has stopped manufacturing their own range of aerosol products due to concerns about how difficult it is use the spray effectively and achieve and adequate protection against sunburn. There is no need to discard any aerosols already bought, but to be aware of the problem with[more]


There is a new cancer database, The National Cancer Control Indicators ( NCCI) launched by Cancer Australia this month to provide quick access to  national population data covering prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment research and outcomes of cancer care. Although the name of the website is a little intimidating, the website is easy to navigate and links information, o[more]


Vaccines are now available through your GP, after long periods during 2017 of reduced supply and absence for Australian infants, children and adults. These vaccines protect against the major causes of bacterial meningitis, meningococcal type B, ACYW, pneumococcal and haemophilus influenza Type B. The incidence of invasive meningococcal disease in Australia is low, but the number of case[more]


E-cigarettes are battery operated devices that heat liquid nicotine into a mist to be vaporised. Nicotine is delivered without burning tobacco and inhaled in vapour.. It is possible to buy the vaping device in some some Australian States and in others it is illegal. Buying, possessing or using liquid nicotine in an e-cigarette is illegal in Australia, a ban that was upheld by the Therapeutic Goods[more]


Smoking remains a serious public health problem,  2.7 million Australians are current smokers and up to two thirds of current Australian smokers will die from their habit if they do not quit. Tobacco contains over 7,000 chemicals of which over 70 cause cancer. Despite some of the strictest tobacco controls in the world, recent data has demonstrated the decline in smoking rates in Austra[more]


Men die on average 6 years earlier than women, the reasons are largely preventable. The Movember Foundation gives the top five things you should know and do to improve these statistics: 1. Make man time - stay connected with your mates, catch up regularly, check in and make time. Mates are important and spending time with them is good for you. 2. Have open conversations - you do not need to be a[more]


A toxicology review of 487 Chinese medicines has been released, demonstrating contamination of many Chinese medicines ( TCM) with modern pharmaceutical grade steroids, hormones and banned diet drugs rather than ancient herbal remedies. The toxicologists analysed medicines that had been linked to severe reactions, including two deaths. Previous research published in the Journal nature Sci[more]


The TV series based on Margaret Atwood's book, The Handmaid's Tale describes a future in which the world has become infertile. A recent paper was released indicating a significant trend of reducing male sperm count globally. Figures from surveys indicate couples are having less children than they wanted and referrals  to fertility services indicate almost 15% of women and men worldw[more]


The end of year exams, particularly for the final year of school can cause extremely high levels of distress . Stress can affect exam performance , and also physical and mental health. The top five suggestions for exam preparation remain constant: 1. Create a study timetable, create a routine, plan a variety of subjects, prioritise and set goals, include breaks for exercise, food, sleep and relax[more]


October is Mental Health Awareness Month[more]


From February 1st, all codeine-based medications ( such as nurofen plus) will be prescription-only. [more]


The traditional PAP test is changing in early December to a HPV test, which will start at a later age of 25 years (up from 18years), be spaced at five year intervals instead of two and is a more accurate test.  The technique to have a HPV test will not change and still involves a sample of the cells from your cervix being collected using a speculum to see your cervix and a brush to sample th[more]


 There is currently thousands of healthy living apps available for  your various devices to help make informed decisions about your health  and to assist with managing stress, weight reduction and increasing  exercise. It is difficult to assess which app will suit your purpose. Victoria Health every year reviews over 300 apps to assess whether  they were likely to assis[more]


Learn about your headaches by registering for a free seminar or online presentation by a specialist on the Headache Australia website ( The website is a division of the Brain Foundation, where an alphabetical list of headache types, listing the description and management provides an excellent overview for headache sufferers. Those who suffer migraine can read an update o[more]


It is quoted that more than half of the world's population will experience a headache in any one year. Five million Australians are affected by headache on any one day. [more]


The Jean Hailes Women's Health Week is dedicated to all women Australia wide to make good health a priority. The two biggest barriers for women not maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a "lack of time" and " health not being a priority".  The Health Week aims to provide motivation and practical strategies towards starting to make positive changes. By investing more time in o[more]


What Are The IVF Success Rates in Australia?[more]


How do I get the most from prescription, over-the-counter and complementary medicines?[more]


The Royal Australian and New Zealand  College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have issued a media release advising caution regarding the new research published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggesting Vitamin B3 can prevent miscarriage and foetal abnormality. The publication of the findings has been associated with significant media hype about a "medical breakthrough" .[more]


Measles is again in the Perth news, and provides a reminder that everyone born between 1966 - 2000  is recommended to have two documented  vaccinations for measles (it comes in the form of a combined vaccine with mumps and rubella, the MMR. Monovalent vaccine is not available in Australia). The vaccine was initially given as a single dose on the national schedule at 12 months i[more]


A documentary by chef Pete Evans, The Magic Pill has just been released, claiming that the paleo diet is a treatment for significant illnesses such as cancer, alzheimers, epilepsy, asthma, kidney disease, diabetes and autism in children . 'The Magic pill" is screening in various cinemas around Australia currently, and is advising that adopting a ketogenic high fat, low carbohyd[more]


Another study linking antidepressant use in pregnancy and autism has just been published in the British Medical Journal, raising concerns about the safety of the medications in pregnancy Depression in pregnancy is common and estimated to occur in 3-8% of pregnant women. The safety of the baby from antidepressant exposure during pregnancy has generated much debate in the past five y[more]


Use the Diabetes Australia Risk Calculator to check whether you are at risk of pre-diabetes and type two diabetes or ask your GP. See to use the online calculator with your own details. Advice regarding the healthiest or "best" diet is confusing and often conflicting, particularly about sugar and diabetes risk. More fat? Less carbohydrates? More wholegrain[more]


Each year the AMA reminds the community of the vital role played by local family doctors in keeping Australians healthy. The AMA President will deliver an address to the National Press Club as part of the week in support of general practice and promoting the importance of the GP's role to the community Those who have an ongoing relationship with a family doctor have been shown to have b[more]


The annual campaign raising awareness about alcohol, aiming to positively influence our drinking culture by pledging to abstain for the month to raise fund for people affected by cancer  is underway. The campaign was launched in 2008.  The month long break from alcohol does have short term benefits such as:          Weight loss      &[more]


The Ministry of Health of the Kingdom Saudi Arabia have published their health requirements and recommendations for 2017 Hajj and Umra. This year the event will take place between 30 August and 4 September 1. Meningococcal Pilgrims over 2 years of age who intend to undertake Hajj or Umra are required to provide proof of vaccination against meningococcal disease ACWY to get a visa for entry 2. [more]


The main preventive strategy against influenza infection remains vaccination . The vaccine does not contain live virus and provides protection against four strains of influenza and is estimated to be protective against 60-70% of the circulating strains each season. Last year 90, 861 Australians suffered from laboratory confirmed influenza, with many more cases not diagnosed.The vaccine cannot[more]


The Royal College of General Practitioners ( RACGP), the AMA and grass-root general practitioners have all responded with concern and media warnings after the Amcal Pharmacy chain announced a new service, offering packages of screening pathology blood tests, with prices ranging from $25  to $220 for a "comprehensive general health screen". These tests are sold di[more]


The Royal College of General Practitioners ( RACGP), the AMA and grass-root general practitioners have all responded with concern and media warnings after the Amcal Pharmacy chain announced a new service, offering packages of screening pathology blood tests, with prices ranging from $25  to $220 for a "comprehensive general health screen". These tests are sold di[more]


The Royal College of General Practitioners ( RACGP), the AMA and grass-root general practitioners have all responded with concern and media warnings after the Amcal Pharmacy chain announced a new service, offering packages of screening pathology blood tests, with prices ranging from $25  to $220 for a "comprehensive general health screen". These tests are sold di[more]


June is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month [more]


One of the most common search topics on the Internet concerns baby sleep problems. Many parents need help from professionals regarding the sleep and settling issues of their baby. The website provides a very useful overview and outlines the choices and pathways you may want or need to follow, with local contacts. Initially, the professional advising you will try t[more]


This year's theme is about keeping a healthy balance between mind and body in a busy world. Men's health involves much more than prostate cancer and sporting injuries. The life expectancy gap between men an women is an indicator of the wider issues, men's average lifespan is currently 80 years and women are expected to reach 84 years. Men are more likely to die of lung cancer, cirrhosis and other[more]


All children will be aware of world events and violence. It is not possible to shield them from the extensive media coverage of violence, conflict, terror and war. Children do not always understand time or place and may be very worried that harm may happen to them, but not be able to express complex feelings . It is important too look out for changes in children's behaviour to suggest that they a[more]


A recent publication in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology has again raised concerns regarding an increase in the risk of birth defects ( heart defects, spina bifida and extra ureter) in babies exposed to taking  fluoxetine ( prozac)  in the first trimester of pregnancy. The findings were the results of a meta-analysis of 16 observational studies, not a new study. ( no randomis[more]


The AusVax Safety program has released data from almost 40,000 adults and children who have had the 2017 influenza vaccine, demonstrating no significant unexpected or unusual reactions from the participants. AusVax Safety is a real-time National vaccine surveillance system, monitoring the effects of vaccines on Australians from over 150 sites. A SMS is sent from the GP Clinic or Immunisation Cli[more]


The NHMRC last month stated that there is not enough evidence to support recommending  e-cigarettes as an effective quit smoking tool and no brand of e-cigarettes has been approved for this purpose. E-cigarettes may help with quitting smoking, but they are not yet established or regulated as smoking cessation aids.The NHMRC also advised that further research was needed to determine the long t[more]


Quit Victoria released concerning new data demonstrating an increase in the use of roll-your-own (RYO) cigarettes by smokers 18-29 years of age, with 37% reporting some current use. RYO use was more common among young Victorians, with almost half ( 49%) of smokers under 29 years reporting some use in the previous year. There is no reason why Western Australian smokers would not have similar rates [more]


Choosing Wisely Australia is an initiative from medical colleges, societies and NPS MedicineWise encouraging the community, clinicians and consumers to start important conversations about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures. It is not easy to always communicate with health professionals, especially those you don't know well, the Choosing Wisely web-site provides suggestions and tips for y[more]


Choosing Wisely Australia is an initiative from medical colleges, societies and NPS MedicineWise encouraging the community, clinicians and consumers to start important conversations about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures. It is not easy to always communicate with health professionals, especially those you don't know well, the Choosing Wisely web-site provides suggestions and tips for y[more]


Adult vaccinations are needed for travel for certain areas ( Hepatitis A, Japanese Encephalitis and Yellow Fever) , for the workplace ( Hepatitis B), when reaching older age ( pneumococcus and shingles) , in pregnancy (influenza and whooping cough) ,following injury ( tetanus), and for those with medical conditions increasing their risks). The Australian Childhood Immunisation Register has been[more]


Those considered to be at high risk of complications from influenza are offered an annual flu immunisation through the National Immunisation Program as the most important way to reduce the number of flu infections and deaths. The vaccination is also advised for those who work or live with people in high risk groups, people providing essential services, those who work with children and healthcare w[more]


There are about 16 teaspoons of sugar in a 600ml bottle of regular soft drink. One can of soft drink per day could lead to a weight gain of 6.5kg in one year without increasing daily exercise . Research has shown that consuming one 340ml of sugary drink a day increases your risk of type II diabetes by 22%  when compared to drinking one can per month or less.Australia is in the top ten countri[more]


Despite the current widely circulating and worrying headlines about cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection and pregnancy in many media outlets, it is worth pointing out that although important for pregnant women to be aware of the risk reduction practices they can follow  (as they do for listeria and toxoplasmosis risk) the latest Australia-wide data is from 2014, [more]


The recent update in the Australian Immunisation Handbook recommends flu vaccine for all pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy, dependent only on the flu season and vaccine availability. The Flumum study of over 7000 pregnant women published results of the safety outcomes measured by prematurity and birth weight and demonstrated no difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated women in outc[more]


Another study, this time from Harvard University in the US, has demonstrated disappointing information about what is contained in the fish oil capsules taken by many people every day . The omega-3 content in many brands was a third less than advertised on the bottle and the other two thirds included significant saturated fats. The omega-3 fatty acids themselves were also generally oxidized, render[more]


Politicians and Google do not provide reliable information regarding the safety or benefits of vaccinations, particularly for our children. Due to the success of immunization, some diseases are no longer seen, or very rarely diagnosed in our community, leading to reduced perception of threat from diseases once common, such as measles, mumps and polio . A number of websites providing unbalanced, mi[more]


If you are a woman needing motivation to get moving, the second advertisement for the UK campaign This Girl Can is a must view for you, followed up by researching the Department of Health website designed to encourage particularly young women to be more active. It was established in response to research demonstrating the significant barriers women felt about being judged o[more]


The major change to the PAP program was due to start on May 1st, but an announcement has just been made regarding a delay because the screening register outsourced to Telstra will not be ready on time. In the meantime, the current guidelines remain regarding frequency and ages of PAPs ( two yearly from 18 years to 70 years of age or two years from the commencement of sexual activity). The cha[more]


Vaccination has been one of the most successful public health strategies over the years, protecting both children and communities. In Australia, the vaccination of children as part of a program nation wide began in 1932 and has almost eliminated TB and polio as diseases occurring in Australia. Although the terms vaccination and immunisation are used interchangeably, the term immunisation me[more]


Fake news stories can influence voting patterns, fake health news about treatments that are unproven may lead to people adopting the latest recommendation and abandon current medical treatment or to spend thousands of dollars for miracle cures particularly for hair loss, weight loss, cancer cures and sexual problems. Ten of the twenty most-shared articles on Facebook in 2016 with "cancer[more]


The Cancer Council has launched a new campaign, #pleasehelpmequit.  Research by the Cancer Council found that many smokers give the main reason for their quitting attempt failing was friends and family smoking around them. It is difficult to ask the loved ones and friends you have smoked with for years not to light up around you anymore, the campaign aims to help deliver this messag[more]


Safer Internet Day is 7th February , the theme is " Be the change: Unite for a better internet"  The website demonstrates the activities and events occurring and the resources available internationally.  In Australia, the Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner has many resources and activities available for the community and schools and also provide[more]


The Health Minister has launched a three year free Meningococcal ACWY vaccination programme for 15-19 year olds through schools and Community Health Clinics in Western Australia the start during Terms 2 and 3 this year.  General practice will not be involved in administering the vaccinations. The programme is in response to an increase in the incidence of infection ca[more]


Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancers in the world, and protecting your skin with the use of sunscreen remains a vital element in the Slip, Slop, Slap,Slide, Seek official message.  Each year over  440 000 Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer and 1900 will die as a result of the skin cancer. Sunscreens sold in Australia must be listed with the T[more]


One of the most popular New Year Resolutions every year is to want to be healthier. To achieve this, it is not always necessary to employ a personal trainer, sign up to gym memberships or start the latest weight loss fad. Choosing to have a healthier lifestyle can be as simple as deciding to be active, eating healthy foods, reducing stress, dropping bad habits and connecting with neighbours.  [more]


Zika virus has not been in the news of late, but has been slowly spread throughout SouthEast Asia, most of the Americas ( including parts of the United States), and the Pacific.Updates on the areas with ongoing Zika virus transmission are available online at or  . The maps found at are updated frequently and very cl[more]


12% of Australians still smoke, 77 years after the first evidence was confirmed of the harms associated with cigarettes smoking ( WHO data on the current world smoking statistics has just been published) If one of your New Year's Resolutions was to quit smoking, there is considerable comprehensive information, advice and support available to you on the free iCanQuit[more]


There is no level of drinking that can be guaranteed as completely safe. The Australian Guidelines to reduce health risks from drinking alcohol advise: 1: reduce the risk of alcohol-related harm over a lifetime by drinking no more than two standard drinks on any day 2: reduce the risk of injury on a single occasion of drinking by drinking no more than four standard drinks on a single occasions [more]


One of the most common New Year Resolutions is to lose weight. Gym memberships soar in January as many people plan to follow their resolutions. Exercise without changing dietary habits and changing your diet without increasing physical activity have little chance of success as demonstrated by considerable research. According to the latest Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey, the average A[more]


The more things change the more they stay the same. While we sometimes feel that we are going forward at 100 km per hour some advice remains constant for our health and well being. We have reprinted one such news item from Christmas two years ago.[more]


1. Prepare: Pack a medical kit, taking care to take enough medications for the time you are away. A travel letter from your doctor is useful to confirm you are using medication for your own personal needs. Also consider packing a second pair of glasses. It may be helpful to have a medical check-up before leaving, updating vaccinations and other immunisations, checking on malaria recommendations[more]


One in four women in Australia has experienced physical or sexual violence from a partner as well as significant numbers of men. Every week at least one woman dies as a result of intimate partner violence. These women can be your colleagues, your family, your friend or your neighbours.  There is now a website designed to provide guidance about what you can do if you are co[more]


Many things about pregnancy and parenthood are not predicable or preventable, but there are some lifestyle and medical factors that can both improve and cause problems for both the parents and the baby. A visit to the GP to discuss preconception matters and arrange screening and make a plan can be either reassuring or can uncover areas to improve the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and[more]


Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer int he world, two in every three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70 years. Since 1982 we have been advised to Slip, Slop, Slap, Slide and Seek. To "slop",  there are two types of active ingredient in sunscreen. The organic filters or "Chemical" sunscreens offer more coverage against UVA and U[more]


The most common method of acquiring Zika virus infection is from travelling to a country with high or moderate Zika virus risk, however it can occasionally be transmitted sexually ( oral, anal and vaginal). Although generally a mild or asymptomatic illness, it can cause significant risk to a developing baby during pregnancy. An update on the advice to men who have travelled in or [more]


For those unsure about what to do next, here are some helpful online options:[more]


The Movember Foundation is highlighting the concerning statistics in Australia regarding mental health and suicide for men. An estimated 1 in 2 Australian men have a mental health problem at some point in their lives, 1 in 8 men will experience depression in their lifetime and on average 6 men each day take their life through suicide in Australia. Maintaining your mental health is impo[more]


One of the Movember Foundation's main areas of research and education.[more]


Magpie swooping season last six weeks every Spring, causing occasional significant injury to walkers, runners and cyclists , particularly to eyes.The attacks occur during nesting, research indicates that it is only 5% of the male birds who swoop at perceived threats close to their nests, usually with predictable targets. Some birds target only school aged boys, others dogs, runners, cyclists or on[more]


The Movember Foundation raises our awareness around men's health issues, particularly prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health and suicide prevention. Men are encouraged to improve their awareness about the most serious health issues affecting them. Men and women are encouraged to organise fundraising events or sponsorship to complete sporting ch[more]


Herpes Zoster ( shingles) is a painful blistered rash caused by the reactivation of the varicella zoster virus ( the same virus that causes chickenpox). The causes of reactivation are poorly understood, but it occurs in the nerve tissue causing inflammation. sometimes the pain in the area supplied by the affected nerve can be prolonged and severe , it is called postherpetic neuralgia ( PHN) It is [more]


Self help plays an important role in the prevention and management of mental illness. Self education, regular exercise, relaxation techniques, problem solving, adequate sleep and healthy lifestyle all play a role. To help achieve the various suggestions, several websites, some with associated phone Apps are easily accessible. Some suggestions are: blackdoginstit[more]


There has been some confusion over the years as to the association between the type of fats we eat in our diet and how they affect our blood cholesterol levels. Everyone wants to avoid high blood cholesterol, raised blood cholesterol levels, particularly the LDL cholesterol can significantly raise your risk of heart attacks and strokes.  How much LDL and other blood fats like HDL ( the healt[more]


The latest recommendations for Australian Medical experts on the screening, testing and treatment of a range of conditions have been released under the Choosing Wisely Australia initiative. The four Australia medical societies and colleges represent are the Human Genetics Society of Australasia, the Gastroenterological Society of Australia, the Royal Australasian and New Zealand College of Radiolo[more]


Some stress can be helpful in providing motivation, but very high stress levels can cause a significant fall in performance. Helping your teenager manage exam stress in the lead-up to exams will help them study and reduce the tensions in the home over this period. It is important to remind students that there are different types of achievement and the ATAR score is not the only way to get to [more]


The TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) has issued a warning to pregnant women and those planning pregnancy of the link between non-aspirin anti-inflammatory medications and miscarriage. Common medications include ibuprofen ( nurofen), diclofenac ( voltaren), mefenamic acid (ponstan) and naproxen ( naprogesic). A review of the medical literature has demonstrated a link, especially i[more]


The theme for the week is Act-Belong-Commit again, with a focus on suicide prevention as part of the official theme. There are strong relationships between suicide, traumatic life-events and mental illness and Mental Health Week promotion programmes contribute to suicide prevention strategies by informing  people about how to keep  mentally healthy, building individual and comm[more]


The theme for 2016 is Learn and Grow. Nearly 45% of all Australians are said to experience some form of mental illness during their lifetimes and those who do not, will know someone who does. There remains significant stigma and misinformation about the topic. Mental health groups and organisations are encouraging people and communities to learn more about mental health and use that knowledge[more]


Bowel cancer remains one of the top five causes of premature death among Australians aged 45-74 years according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report released this month. Poor diet , obesity and lack of exercise are increasing the risk of developing bowel cancer, which will affect 1 in 13 Australians. It is estimated that more than 129 000 Australians will be diagnosed with[more]


In an Australian survey from the Sleep Foundation Australia in 2010, 23% of adults believed that they did not get enough sleep, the repeated survey in 2016 revealed that over 50% of respondents believed they did not sleep enough. The age distribution was evenly spread across the ages in 2010, but skewed significantly in the 2016 study to the 18-24 year olds reporting more sleep problems, sugg[more]


It is 155 years since the birth of Edith Dircksey Cowan, the Western Australian social worker, politician and social activist , and the University named after her is holding its annual showcase of research achievements, contributions to Local, National and International knowledge, collaborations and impact are presented during the week of activities, seminars, events and e[more]


Australian boys can expect to live into their 80's and 84.4 is the life expectancy for girls according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare's report.. The leading cause of death in Australia is coronary heart disease followed by dementia, stroke, lung cancer and chronic obstructive lung disease. As a group, cancer has overtaken cardiovascular disease as the biggest killer and cause [more]


Congratulations on the arrival of a daughter,  Lucy  to the Hughes family ( Light for Riley Campaign). Catherine and Greg Hughes' campaigning lead to the increase in awareness of the importance of the pertussis vaccine during pregnancy and to the importance of those having contact with a new  baby in the first 6-8 weeks also having a whooping cough vaccine booster. In resp[more]


The recent review of randomised controlled trials and observational studies published in the Lancet argued that the risks of statins have been exaggerated by the media and some sections of the medical profession. Statins were demonstrated as a cost-effective public health intervention, preventing 1000 major cardiovascular events like heart attack and stroke, for every 10 000 patients treated for 5[more]


Jean Hailes ( a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving women's health) encourages all women to learn more about their health, this year the annual women's health week has the theme of " what's normal?"  The  organisation has surveyed over 3000 women before the promotion week to get some insight about what they worry about. Weight gain was the top health c[more]


Staying connected and having meaningful conversations are important. RU OK is a National Campaign to change behaviour and aims to provides suggestions on how to take the time to ask "are you OK?" and how to listen meaningfully.  The website provides simple and practical ways to have the conversation if someone you care for or know isn't behaving as the normally would [more]


It is estimated that 10% of Australians suffer from asthma. The Asthma Foundation of WA ( AFWA) provides asthma advice via a freecall 1800 ASTHMA ( 1800278462) or during weekday office hours. The AFWA also offers free asthma clinics at several locations around Perth and Western Australia. For children aged 5-12 years, the campaign "Manage My Asthma" has launched an on[more]


The week promotes and celebrates new knowledge and invites the community to see the research and meet those involved at the UWA with over 50 events from seminars to exhibitions and at various locations.  If you are interested in seeing the tools that UWA researchers are using to promote endurance and peak performance at the School of Sports Science or visit Antarctica through the Centre[more]


The International Agency for Research on Cancer ( IARC) has just  published a report after reviewing published evidence, listing 13 cancers where there is sufficient evidence to conclude that being a healthy weight reduces the risk of cancer. A healthy weight is defined as having a Body mass Index ( BMI) of between 18.5 to 24.9. Many of the studies took into account other factors su[more]


This year the National Awareness week promoting wiser and safer use of medicines is encouraging Australians to take charge of their health by being medicinewise and encouraging people to have a conversation about medicines by asking the right questions to the right people and following the right advice.  Not all information available on the internet is reliable. The five questions suggested [more]


A study recently published in the JAMA Paediatrics journal linked paracetamol to behavioural problems in childhood. The researchers followed over 7000 UK women during the 1990s who had taken paracetamol during pregnancy and the behaviour of their children at the age of seven years.  The women were asked at 18 and 32 weeks of pregnancy whether they had used paracetamol in the previous thr[more]


Breast Research Australia ( BRA) has produced a " Sport Bra" web-based app containing information required to help choose a well-fitted, supportive sports bra.  The aim is to reduce the number of women avoiding physical activity due to discomfort of embarrassment caused by ill-fitting bras. Women , particularly young women also find it embarrassing and unpleasant or simply[more]


Media coverage of various traumatic events often focus on the most frightening aspects and replay graphic and disturbing images many times. Although reducing exposure to the media coverage is sensible, such as not having the television broadcasting news and current affairs in the home, it is difficult to avoid the big stories of mass shootings and terror attacks as they are on favourite [more]


The annual celebration of science and technology is held every August in Australia. It is an opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of Australian scientists to the world and encourage an interest in science among the general public and young people. The Department of Agriculture and Food invites you to discover what is lurking in your pantry with a free trap to help track down visitors and [more]


Reading, seeing or hearing about traumatic events, even when you are not personally involved, can still result in an emotional response . For various reasons, such as associating with the victims or seeing children the same age as your own being affected,  it may generate a sense of powerlessness , vulnerability and anxiety in a person. Not sleeping is a natural response to watching or &[more]


It is estimated that 80% of us will experience back pain at some point of our lives, it is the most common cause of disability and the sixth most common reason for a visit to the doctor in Australia. Back pain is not a disease in itself, sometimes it is a symptoms of an injury, but up to 50% of the time,  back pain occurs without an injury as the spine's structures are sensitised due to other[more]


There is currently an outbreak of measles centred on a Northbridge backpacker hostel, following the return of one young traveller who caught the disease whilst in Bali .  People have potentially been exposed to measles during July in pubs, nightclubs, supermarkets and shops in and around Northbridge and in Royal Perth Hospital ED. People with measles are generally very unwell with fever, run[more]


Bali has now been listed as experiencing " sporadic transmission" of Zika virus and travellers  have been advised by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to exercise a " high degree of caution" and pregnant women should consider postponing travel. Zika virus has been associated with severe malformations in unborn babies, the link has not yet been proven, but th[more]


Being active every day improves fitness, but also has a positive impact on mental well-being, heart health, muscles and joints and can encourage participation in your community. Using a fitness related app can help with motivation, tracking progress and provide coaching advice on how to safely and without injury get started. Some Apps to consider are listed below: Freeletics - this fitness a[more]


The number of health-related apps available on smartphones increases daily, they are relatively inexpensive, widely available , accessible and cover many areas, from tracking sleep patterns  to monitoring pulse and blood pressure or assisting with mental health conditions. It is difficult to determine whether an app has sound evidence of benefit or not, although [more]


Downloaded by millions in the week since release, the game App that blends the real world and the not-so-real Pokémon world, has millions of people of all ages and fitness levels outside collecting Pikachus and Jigglypuffs bringing genuine benefits to health. It has been been notoriously difficult to motivate people to participate in exercise despite the known benefits in many areas of physi[more]


The Sleep Health Foundation promotes maximizing your rest and recovery, raise awareness of the common sleep disorder, obstructive sleep apnoea and asks for support for the Foundation's work in education and research by raising awareness or donating during the week. The Foundation offers an online survey to complete and send to family and friends who snore, a social media campaign to join usi[more]


All week, daily historical walking tours will be held for a gold coin donation and lasting approximately an hour. The tour starts at the Bagot Rd main entrance and finishes at the WA Medical Museum on Barker Rd. The hospital remains the only single hospital in Western Australia ( an area of 2.5 million square kilometres) providing health and medical services, teaching and support service[more]


Bali has now been listed as experiencing " sporadic transmission" of Zika virus and travellers  have been advised by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to exercise a " high degree of caution" and pregnant women should consider postponing travel. Zika virus has been associated with severe malformations in unborn babies, the link has not yet been proven, but th[more]


This year the theme is " health elements" , trying to encourage communities to help promote health and wellbeing and the right setting for conversations about 'the elements" making up a healthy lifestyle: purpose, health and wellness. The health statistics for Australian Men are concerning, males have:  The leading causes of death are ischaemic heart disease, cancer, r[more]


Headspace is launching a public awareness programme on June 14th, encouraging people to help tear down the big stigma around getting help for mental health issues.  Although mental health issues are common, with 4 in 16 young people every year experiencing a mental health issue, only 1 will get the help they need. The researchers partnered with headspace, the Centre for Youth Menta[more]


The first pregnancy originating from a frozen-thawed and fertilized human oocyte was reported in 1986, with the first live birth being reported in 1987. The first results were variable and disappointing with only 5 children born from 1987-1995 in Australia. Research in Melbourne in the 1990's improved the techniques used and modified protocols were developed that improved survival and fertilizatio[more]


Professor Rob Norman, pioneer of many key techniques used in assisted reproduction clinics, including frozen egg technology, co-founder of Fertility SA, a reproductive medicine unit, professor of reproductive medicine and periconceptual medicine at the University of Adelaide has recommended women ask these important questions when interviewed by the journalist Sarah Dingle for the r[more]


Conversations about end of life care often take place in the midst of a crisis at a Hospital Emergency Department or Intensive Care Unit, with many people dying in a way they would not chose, leaving loved ones guilty, bereaved and distressed. When surveyed, the majority of Australians want to die at home, but the statistics show that only 14% are able to so. A new health initiative has been intro[more]


Every year on 31st May the WHO tries to draw attention globally to the tobacco epidemic and the preventable disease and death it causes. The call this year is for all countries to implement plain packaging of tobacco products. Australia was able to lead the way, with full implementation of the World's first plain packaging laws in December 2012. In Australia, each year it is estimated that smokin[more]


An International summit of health professionals ( The Centre for Food & Allergy Research) has just produced a new set of guidelines with the aim of halving peanut allergy in Australian children as a result and helping to guide parents with evidence-based information on allergy prevention strategies when introducing solid foods to their infant. What to first feed a baby, when and what[more]


Meningococcal disease is rare, on average there are between 10 and 20 cases in Western Australia each year, mainly in winter and early spring. The disease can occur at any age, but babies and children under 5 years of age are most at risk and teenagers 15 -24 years of age are then next most common group affected . The most common symptoms can be nonspecific fever, headache, light sensitivity, musc[more]


The TGA has approved a self-injectable weight loss medication called Saxenda ( Liraglutide) for the treatment of obestity. The medication was originally approved by the FDA in America as a treatment for diabetes in 2010 and Europe in 2009. It has only recently been promoted in a different dose for weight loss treatment. It is an analogue of a hormone that suppresses appetite, human glucago[more]


Each year it is estimated that in Australia $ 300,000 million is spent on anti-wrinkle injections, 16,000  get breast implant and another 15,000 undergo liposuction.  The Medical Board circulated draft regulations asking for feedback from cosmetic providers in March 2015 regarding concerns and issues, particularly regarding patient safety and selection.. In Australia, a plastic surgeon h[more]


The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) has announced changes to  federal regulations and  redefined e-cigarettes as tobacco products, with powers to regulate other tobacco-related merchandise such as cigars and nicotine gels. The rules go into  effect in 90 days. The ruling: Bans e-cigarette, hookah, pipe tobacco and cigar sales either on-line or face-to-face to minorsRequire age[more]


The UK Royal College of Physicians has released a report concluding  that e-cigarettes are "much safer" that smoking and aid quitting, " smokers could be reassured and encouraged to use them as an aid to quit".  It also stated that concerns that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking have not been demonstrated and that e-cigarettes should be part of a co[more]


The Movember Foundation has launched a new men's health initiative. It encourages men to make an effort to contact their mates on the 8th May, electronically and/or  in person for a burger, a walk or just a talk. The initiative is  in response to  evidence suggesting that men are not keeping in touch with their friends or making new friends and connections, particularly in the[more]


A cardiac arrest occurs when someone collapses and is unconscious due to their heart stopping suddenly, which also stops the person breathing It is different from a heart attack, but a heart attack may cause a cardiac arrest. Approximately 30 000 Australians will a suffer a cardiac arrest this year, with a survival rate of only 10%.  The majority of cardiac arrests are related [more]


Fathers can play a vital role in identifying early signs of mental illness and helping their sons get the support they need, but many men are unsure about how to start the conversation or what services are available. It is estimated that 87 per cent of young men with mental health issues do not seek help, the stigma around men talking about their struggles with mental illness remains a problem and[more]


Many smokers are unaware of the link between smoking and several significant eye conditions, some of which may lead to total blindness. It is strongly recommended that smokers particularly  have regular eye checks, as some of the conditions are silent and can go undetected for many months or years. The eye conditions associated with smoking are : Doubling of the chance o[more]


More than 41,000 cancers a year in Australia  are estimated as being preventable through healthy lifestyle. Cancer Australia has launched an interactive online tool to help adults understand how their lifestyle factors contribute to cancer risk. It is possible to assess lifestyle factors such as weight, physical activity, diet, alcohol consumption, smoking and sun exposure and to receive sugg[more]


Beyoncé joins the growing number of celebrities such as Kanye West, Kate Hudson, Novelist and David Lynch who all have Activewear collections. The phenomenon labelled " Activewear" is a multimillion dollar industry, where a significant number of people are wearing their exercise clothing when travelling on the bus, at the café, watching movies and not just left the gym or yoga [more]


This year the publically funded vaccine programme offers the quadrivalent flu vaccine, with protection against four strains of flu virus. Influenza causes 1500 to 3000 deaths in Australia each year from direct viral effects or complications such as bacterial pneumonia or precipitating a heart attack, 18,000 hospitalisations and 300,000 GP consultations . 10% of workplace absences associated with[more]


A free online event providing information on all aspects of migraine management and research is being conducted during the week. The goal is to provide evidence-based, high quality information which can then be discussed with your  health care professional, ideally your GP. The summit ( being organized from North America,  the substance of management and information will be app[more]


Researchers from The University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre have ranked apps for weight loss from more than 800 apps available, according to their scientific basis, ability to change behaviour and their accuracy. Each app was used for five days and assessed against a range of quality measures including the credibility of their information source, the accuracy and coverage of scientific[more]


Independent Nurseries and Garden suppliers are holding various events for  'garden RELEAF' to raise funds for beyondblue and promote gardening for wellbeing. Beyondblue is encouraging people to visit green and open spaces, take up gardening and enjoy the proven benefits to mood and reduction in stress levels This protects against depression and anxiety and helps recovery from these illne[more]


Victoria Health Department researchers have reviewed over 200 healthy living apps available on Apple and Android between May and August 2015 . They were rated on how effective they were in helping users change their behaviour and achieve a healthier lifestyle, user-friendliness and quality and will be updated annually. The apps reviewed were those claiming to help people to eat better, move more,[more]


Free-range eggs are estimated to have over 39% of the market and  attract a premium price over barn and cage eggs.   The definition of  "free-range" remains misleading despite Consumer Affairs Ministers recently meeting to clarify the term, they voted to allow eggs from hens that do not go outside and have high stocking densities to continue to be branded 'free-range'[more]


Pain is a complicated, hard-to-treat problem  and the answer may not necessarily always be stronger painkilling medications.  Often chronic pain ( defined as pain experienced for more than six months)  is an illness in its own right, due to a fault or malfunction in the body's pain system.  The emotional strain of living with chronic pain can sometimes lead to psychol[more]


The World Health  Organisation has issued a new guideline strongly recommending that we reduce our free sugar intake to no more than 10% of out total daily kilojoule intake.  This guideline is based on evidence that this level of intake and below reduces the risk of obesity and tooth decay. "Free" sugars refers to the sugars added to foods and drinks by manufactu[more]


The holiday has many traditions, including time for family, feasting and indulging in chocolate. Australians are estimated to be spending almost $200 million on Easter chocolate this year. Some suggestions to help reduce the sugar load are: Remind yourself of the equivalent exercise in kilojoules, one small milk chocolate bunny is the equivalent of one hour of treadmill running. Two solid Easter[more]


The second round of listed tests, treatments and procedures that may not be necessary and may cause harm has been released by NPS MedicineWise.   This round has involved 14 colleges, societies and associations, including the RACGP listing their five things clinicians and consumers should question. Those relevant to General Practice are -  Children with middle ear infec[more]


The fourth World Happiness Report again has Denmark as the most happy country in the world and the least happy were Burundi, Syria , Togo, Afghanistan, Benin, Rwanda, Guinea and Liberia. The variables used were GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, social freedom, generosity and perception of corruption.  Australia was ranked ninth after New Zealand, Netherlands, Canada, F[more]


The Australian Government has launched a new campaign, Girls Make Your Move, hoping to encourage young women between the ages of 12 and 19 years to be more active. Research in Australia shows that by the time girls are 15-17 years old, most girls are active for less than 30 minutes per day. Being active has benefits socially, emotionally and physically, the current guidelines suggest teenager[more]


Low back pain is the number one cause of years lived with disability in Australia and globally ( MJA 2008:189), causing more disability than the sum of cancer, heart disease, AIDS and stroke. It is estimate that 80% of Australians will experience back pain at some point in our lives, commonly leading to a GP visit. [more]


HealthDirect has  estimated that 12 million Australians search the internet for health and medical information each week. Close to 40% of Australians look for health information for self-treatment online, and almost 80% of Australian visits to health and medical information websites will be off-shore websites. The healthdirect app is designed to divert some of the traffic to what it says is m[more]


A day used to celebrate the economic, social and political achievement of women and to also remind women about their health needs, risks and recommended screening tests. The Lancet listed the top 10 international deadliest health risks as:High blood pressureHigh BMI ( body mass index)High blood sugarHigh salt dietLow fruit and vegetable dietHigh total cholesterolAlcohol useLow physical activityLo[more]


Endometriosis is a common disease in which tissue that is similar to that lining the womb grows outside it in other parts of the body. It is also known as the " career woman's disease" based on the idea that women without children are more likely to develop the disease. Lena Dunham announced earlier this year that she was taking a break from promoting her television series Girls for heal[more]


As healthcare budgets become increasingly important to become sustainable , Medical colleges, societies and associations are uniting to identify over 50 tests, treatments and procedures that are of proven low value or carry unnecessary risk.  The first wave of recommendations were announced in April 2015 and are available at  The next wave of recommendation[more]


Chronic Hepatitis C is thought to affect 230 000 Australians and 10,000 new cases of Hepatitis C are diagnosed per year. The infection can go undetected for long periods of time, often causing no symptoms until significant scarring of the liver has occurred . The infection has been associated with blood transfusions before screening technology improved, intravenous drug use, sexual [more]


Trying to understand food labels can be pretty daunting. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by all the information you see on packets, jars and cans in the supermarket. Thankfully, there are a few key pieces of information that can help you to quickly make healthy and informed choices. Nutrition content claims - what's allowed? The first thing to remember is that food manufacturers want you to b[more]


Every year women across Australia come to Jean Hailes for information on topics such as body image, mental health, weight and healthy living. That's why we conduct an annual women's health survey to give you a chance to let us know what you need and want to know about your health. Your responses will help shape the 2016 Jean Hailes Women's Health Week campaign and help us develop resources for[more]


All people travelling to areas of ongoing Zika virus transmission should take steps to prevent Zika virus infection by reducing the risk of mosquito bites. There is limited information available regarding the risk of sexual transmission of the Zika virus (and the risk is considered low) however two cases of probable sexual transmission of Zika virus from men to their sexual partners have been re[more]


In order to make changes to thinking about and eating food and drink it is helpful to make a plan: 1: Carry out an audit of your current habits ( use as a general guide to rate your current eating and drinking habits, or  MyFitnessPal phone App or website) - although tempting to remove carbs, dairy or another food group, these diet types have been show[more]


Every year the Dieticians Association of Australia ( DAA) promote events in February to raise awareness of the importance of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle . Research has demonstrated that 63.4% of Australians aged over 18 years are overweight or obese ( 11.2 million people) This year the focus is to inspire Australians to cook at home more often. Ther[more]


For travellers, the current Zika Virus outbreak, rise in Dengue Fever, ongoing Malaria risk in many areas  and locally Ross River and Murray Valley Encephalitis, all have Health Authorities recommending avoiding mosquito bites to reduce the chance of infection. 1: Topical Repellents, what we need to know: Roll-on,aerosol or cream products all need to be applied evenly over all exposed ski[more]


Valentine's Day is celebrated on 14th February in many countries by giving chocolates, flowers and jewellery to someone loved or admired. Relationships are challenging for everyone, but for someone who is suffering from a mental illness, maintaining a healthy loving relationship is even more difficult. A mental health disorder can cause the sufferer to be distant and believe that they d[more]


The Black Dog Institute published a study involving 1000 Australians demonstrating that an online treatment for insomnia  can prevent major depression . Eighty per cent of people diagnosed with depression also experience insomnia and forty per cent of insomnia sufferers have clinically significant and often undiagnosed depressive symptoms. People are far more likely to seek help for inso[more]


The World Health Organization has declared  Zika virus infection an international health emergency. The advice to those traveling to areas at risk is:  Pregnant women are being advised to avoid countries with ongoing transmission Take steps to avoid mosquito bites, wear light-coloured long sleeve shirts and pants, stay and sleep in screened-in or air conditioned rooms or use bed netsMo[more]


There was much criticism of Michelle Bridges for posting her workout, which included over 50 minutes exercise and of jogging, on Instagram one month after giving birth . She also noted that she was an experienced trainer who had been training for 30 years. It is important for women to be encouraged to be physically active and pregnancy is an ideal time for behaviour modification and for adopting [more]


The Australian Health Department and the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention have advised pregnant women to consider delaying travel to areas known to be hotspots for Zika Virus due to fears that the virus is the cause of microcephaly in babies and Guillain-Barre syndrome and neurological conditions in adults.   Regions of known Zika virus activity in the past include[more]


Lack of sleep may cause fatigue, poor concentration, poor memory, mood disturbance, impaired reaction time, poor physical coordination, altered immune status, increased risk of heart disease and diabetes and impaired judgement. The time we feel sleepy and wake up is influenced by an internal clock that varies between people. The clock is partly determined by our genes and also by routines a[more]


The NHMRC (Australia's leading expert body for developing health advice for the Australian community) has just approved Australia's first clinical practice guidelines for prostate testing.  The aim is to provide guidance regarding information for men about the risks and benefits of testing. The guidelines have been developed between the Cancer Council and the Prostate Cancer Foundation A[more]


Pregnant women have an altered immune system, which allows the " foreign" baby to grow within the womb. These immune changes mean pregnant women are at increased risk of complications from certain infectious diseases. Newborns are also vulnerable to certain infections and do not respond to vaccines until their immune systems mature when they are a few months old. Pregnancy does provide a[more]


To keep to your New Year resolutions, avoid the high kilo-joule smoothies and frappes sold in cafes, even if they sound healthy. The anti-obesity campaign LiveLighter assessed 40  smoothies, frappes and shakes bought from six chain cafes and fast food outlets this month and demonstrated that many contain high sugar levels and more kilojoules than a McDonald's Big Mac, Some shakes and ice-bas[more]


It is estimated that just over 12% of Australians over 14 years of age smoke cigarettes daily. On the 11th January 1964, the American Surgeon General announced for the first time that cigarette smoking was definitely linked to serious health issues. We now know that smoking is estimated to cause 20% of the Nation's cancer burden each year. All smokers face an increased risk of up to[more]


Western Australians have one of the highest rates of skin cancers in the world. Part of the message of Slip, Slop, Slap, Slide from the Cancer Council and Dermatologists for reducing the rates is the " slapping" on of sunscreen.[more]


New Year Resolutions notoriously fail to last despite the start of a New Year repeatedly shown as a motivational trigger for activities related to self-improvement. Google searches for diet, gym attendance and use of gym-support websites are highest in January and decline month by month over the year. The most common resolutions every year are weight loss and increasing fitness, qui[more]


The New Year is an opportunity to make small changes to better our health, the health of those around us and the health of the planet.[more]


The rapid uptake of smart phones, social media and the instant availability of information has changed our behaviours, social interactions and lifestyles in a very short timespan. As a result, we are adapting physically and mentally, but academics are arguing over how harmful the changes are. Experts are not clear about how much time online is too much The latest edition of the Diagnostic and Sta[more]


Charlie Sheen announced he is HIV positive and spoke of numerous threats from former sexual partners and confidants and of the $10 million he had paid over four years  to buy their silence. The focus on his story created an opportunity for renewed discussion and reflection on how we as a community can improve awareness and respect for people living with HIV. Hopefully Sheen finds public and p[more]


This year there have been over 310 cases of mumps notified to the western Australian Health Department, with a recent outbreak occurring  at a Perth high school and mid-year outbreaks in the Kimberley and Pilbara. Most of these cases have occurred in people aged between 8 and 40 years. Mumps infection is  viral , spread through droplets when an infected persons coughs, sneezes or shares[more]


More than 48,000 Australian men die each year from diseases that may have been prevented by a trip to the doctor. Men's conditions are often complicated by the fact that men are more likely to avoid medical treatment of any kind and are often diagnosed late. On average 1 in 8 men will have depression and 1 in 5 men will experience anxiety at some stage in their lives. Women are more likely to e[more]


Two out of three Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they reach the age of 70 years. The vast majority are non-melanoma skin cancers such and squamous cell or basal cell carcinomas, which are relatively easy to treat and rarely spread to other parts of the body. More than 2000 people will die from skin cancer in Australia each year, and most skin cancers could be prevented by go[more]


The Movember Foundation contributes to research for initiatives that raise awareness about prostate cancer, improve men's knowledge on when and how to take action, whether they should participate in screening , improve decision making and assist in an active recovery from prostate cancer treatments. The aim is to contribute towards having fewer men die from prostate cancer and improve the quality [more]


It is estimated that up to 1 in 7 women and 1 in 10 men will experience postnatal depression, but depression is also experienced during pregnancy and anxiety is also experienced commonly both during and after pregnancy.The theme this year is to encourage all Australians to become aware of the signs and symptoms of perinatal anxiety and depression and encourage new parents to reach out for support [more]


It is estimated that 4.1 million cases of food poisoning occur in Australia each year. A few simple actions can reduce the chance you becoming a statistic and sick. During the week, the Foods Safety Information Council will be releasing the latest research about what Australians understand about food safety  and tips for reducing the risk of becoming sick, such as 1. Clean Wash hands for [more]


The annual state-wide celebration is here to show appreciation to seniors for their contribution to the community, challenge negative stereotypes and present a positive view of aging and encourage younger Western Australians to make decisions to improve their health later in life. There is a large a number of events such as film screenings, morning teas, shows and bus outings being held across th[more]


The annual campaign aiming to change habits and attitudes of men to their health has commenced. Participants ( MoBros) help raise awareness and support by growing a mustache for the month and also participate in a new Move for Movember Challenge . Women ( MoSistas) can also participate and provide support in fundraising events. Funds  raised help support men's health issues such as prostat[more]


The Director General's Award for WA Health Excellence in 2015 was awarded last week  to Catherine and Greg Hughes from the Light for Riley Initiative and the Prevention and Control Program at WA Health.  Since the launch of the Pertussis Vaccination in Pregnancy program in March 2015, 9,488 women have received a pertussis vaccination during the third trimester of pregnancy, which is appr[more]


Australians will place well over $15 million on the Cup, many placing a bet once per year, often in the last few hours before the race begins.  Gambling is fun to do from time to time and expected as part of the Melbourne Cup celebrations and entertainment, but for others gambling is not an occasional part of entertainment, it can cause distress, relationship and[more]


The World Health Organisation reviewed hundreds of studies and has made International headlines this week by releasing findings that classify processed meat consumption as carcinogenic to humans ( Group 1). The association between processed meats and colorectal cancers has been known for at least thirty years, but the new classification has changed to make the link definite. The category is the sa[more]


It is estimated that 15% of the Australian population will suffer from symptoms of hay-fever,( itchy, watery eyes and nose, sneezing  and itchy throat ) this Spring and Summer. It is caused by an allergic reaction to pollens, irritating the lining of the nose. Many factors affect the pollen load in the air, from temperature, rainfall, humidity, wind directio[more]


Menopause, also known as 'the change of life' or 'the change' is a natural event in a woman's reproductive life. Usually occurring between the ages of 45-55 years, in Australia the average age a woman reaches menopause is 51-52. Menopause marks the end of ovulation and monthly menstrual periods, which can be either a liberating experience or a cause of sadness, depending on your viewpoint. Some [more]


One Australian teenager dies and more than 60 are hospitalised each week after alcohol related incidents . The fundraising campaign aims to encourage West Australians  to stay sober for the month of October , through a campaign by Life Education WA, raising money to educate primary school children about the dangers of excessive drinking. Other benefits from a month away from alcohol incl[more]


The largest celebration of commuter riding in Australia, celebrating the benefits of riding to work and bringing communities together to support it is held over breakfast annually. The aim is to encourage Australians to ride to work on a regular basis, to normalise the idea of riding to work, to encourage those who have never done so to start and to motivate those already riding to continue to do[more]


The team at Jean Hailes are well known for spotting gaps in women's healthcare knowledge and providing answers to the big questions. In an Australian first, Jean Hailes surveyed 3325 women and health professionals about their greatest health fears and worries. The results are a wealth of data shining a light on women from all backgrounds and regions of Australia. It highlighted women's top fo[more]


The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC) recently issued a warning to contact lens wearers about contact lens care[more]


The awareness programme is hoping to improve the community knowledge about the role of food to our health and supports the community in enjoying healthy eating. Food and lifestyle choices impact our health and that of the planet. Nutrition Australia has teamed up with the Produce Marketing Association to promote the Pick Right. Feel Bright campaign Nutrition cancer prevention guidelines have bee[more]


It is estimated that almost half of all Australians are affected by mental health issues directly or indirectly. The Mental Health Week initiative started in 1985 to promote mental wellbeing, furthering knowledge about mental health and eliminating the stigma surrounding mental illness. This year the theme of Mental Health week is Act-Belong-Commit. The 2014 ABC Mental as Anything initiative, pro[more]


The most common cancer among Australian women (except non-melanoma skin cancer) is breast cancer. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, seven women die every day from breast cancer in Australia. .  The month of October provides an opportunity to improve breast awareness and share the information with friends, family and work colleagues. Survival rates[more]


Not getting a good night's sleep can leave you feeling exhausted, irritable and accident-prone, but don't worry, you are not alone. A recent study estimated that 9% of Australians, that's 1.5 million people, currently suffer from some type of sleep disorder. Each year the economic impact of this is an estimated $5.1 billion in lost productivity, accidents and absenteeism. Did you know that drivi[more]


Prostate and testicular cancers affect men, but so do lung, bowel, liver and other. The Nationwide Blue September Campaign is an awareness and fundraising initiative about all the cancers that affect men. They suggest we face up to cancer this September, and show support by painting your face blue and raise awareness and funds to save lives. At least one in three cancers are preventable. Many liv[more]


The challenge this year is to " Make the Promise to Kiss and Tell". The aim is for everyone to share a conversation about their family health history. Investigating your family history of breast and ovarian cancer is a first step to finding out your own level of risk of hereditary ovarian and breast cancer. Most breast and ovarian cancer occurs by chance, due to lifestyle factors or env[more]


Bowel Cancer Australia are challenging women to make their health and wellbeing a priority and take up a healthy habit or kick a bad one this September to reduce their bowel cancer risk. The estimate is that the incidence of bowel cancer in Australia could be reduced by 75% through changes to diet and activity. The latest evidence on modifiable risk factors for bowel cancer is available at www.b[more]


The Black Dog Institute is encouraging us to Be Active This September. The National campaign aims to increase community awareness about the link between exercise and mental well-being. Considerable research has demonstrated that exercise can reduce mild to moderate depression. The explanation is currently thought to be due to the boosting of serotonin, one of the hormones impor[more]


Stroke kills more Australian men than prostate cancer and more Australian women than breast cancer every year. It is the leading cause of death after coronary heart disease and  a major cause of disability. A stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is blocked or reduced. Brain cells begin to die, which can lead to brain damage and death. A stroke is a medical emerg[more]


R U OK? Day, the National day of Action is 10th September this year. World Suicide Prevention Day and R U OK Day this years aims to spread the message from mental health experts that if you are worried about someone, talk to them - the earlier the better. [more]


What do Women worry about, growing older, larger, developing a cancer or having a heart attack?[more]


Jean Hailes Women's Health Week will be held from September 7-11 and is inviting women to start talking about women's health issues.[more]


Fertility Week starts on September 1st with the aim of raising awareness about myths and truths surrounding fertility.[more]


Good Luck to those participating in the Chevron City to Surf for Activ on Sunday 30th August.[more]


Daffodil Day, 28th August, is the annual day the Cancer Council uses for fundraising and an awareness campaign. [more]


Flibanserin ( Addyi) is the first drug in the world to be licensed for the treatment of low sexual desire in premenopausal women. There has been no announcement from the manufacturer as to whether an application will be made to allow the medication to be available for Australian women. Despite comparisons with sildenafil ( Viagra), flibanserin has different pharmacology, having been developed[more]


On Saturday 22nd August it will be possible to visit the Harry Perkins Institute for the first time as a visitor. [more]


Keeping your bones strong might seem like a goal for later years, when they become thinner and weaker. But bone health is actually something to consider much sooner. We reach peak bone density at around the age of 30. Bone loss speeds up once you reach midlife. For women, it increases dramatically around the time of menopause. This is due to the drop in the hormone oestrogen, which is linked[more]


The CSIRO assessed the eating habits of 40,000 Australians and found that most ate junk food daily, a rate three times higher than recommended. The Nation's diet score was rated as 61 out of 100. The survey evaluated each person's diet based on frequency, variety and quality of essential food groups against the Australian Healthy Eating Guidelines. It is possible to now measure the quality of yo[more]


Give up technology, food, furniture, TV or talking and raise funds and awareness to help reduce global hunger, the world's number one health risk. Since 1975, approximately $200 million dollars have been raised to help millions of lives. This year's funds go towards solutions like nutrition training for parents, child health services and better agricultural practices in Afghanistan, Bangladesh,&n[more]


Buying medication overseas can be a temptation due to apparent ease of access, reduced cost, access without a script over the internet and sometimes is needed due to running out or losing medication when travelling. Many medicines have been counterfeited or found to be substandard from inexpensive antihistamines to expensive cancer, HIV/AIDS treatments, Viagra and antimalarials. They hav[more]


It is important to share your wishes about organ donation with your family and know theirs, as your family will be asked to confirm organ and tissue donation decision, even if you have registered with the Organ Donor Register. Approximately 60% of families give consent for organ and tissue donation to proceed of those who have registered. Approximately 1 600 people are on the Australian Orga[more]


ABC2 presents a week of programming on the topic of drugs from July 26th[more]


Chronic pain can affect almost every aspect of life, one in five Australians will suffer from chronic pain in their lifetime. The management of pain is individual and may include medication and a variety of professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and exercise physiologists. There are a number of general measures: Prioritise what needs to be done Paci[more]


'Its time for action on viral hepatitis'  is the theme for World Hepatitis Day 2015 in Australia. Almost half a million Australians are living with hepatitis B or C and approximately 1000 people die each year due to viral hepatitis. With better management, understanding and awareness, many of the related deaths can be prevented, and transmission of the viruses can be prevented through vaccina[more]


A BMJ Study published this month shows almost 40% of Australian women drink alcohol during pregnancy, despite our guidelines advising against any alcohol.  The study followed 18,000 women from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Ireland and the proportions were similar across all the countries. The number of women drinking had reduced significantly by the second trimester but[more]


Every day 280 Australians develop diabetes. The National television advertisement launched during this week will show 280 images of people, some with the complications of diabetes such as heart disease or stroke and some managing their diabetes. The campaign theme this year is to increase knowledge and understanding in the community about diabetes. Type 2 diabetes does no[more]


Dry July is a fundraising challenge, where individuals, workplaces, teams have a month without alcohol and raise funds as a result of pledges made.  In 2015, Dry July is raising money for 42 cancer organisations across Australia, who use the funds to improve treatments options and the wellbeing of adults living with cancer. Since the first Dry July in 2008, over $20 million has been rais[more]


Vitamania - Our Obsessive Quest for Nutritional Perfection", by Catherine Price, ( Penguin Press) is an informative and entertaining read. The journalist provides an account of the discovery and rapid commercialization of vitamins and the current under-regulation of dietary supplements .She argues in her book, the rise in our use of vitamins to fortify foods has been associated with a r[more]


There are many myths and old wives tales regarding reducing the risk and treating common colds. Soaking your feet in hot water and covering your chest with brown paper are defiantly of no benefit. Other treatments now to have been shown of no benefit include taking Echinacea, garlic tablets and antibiotics (which have additional risks of side effects such as diarrhea and altered bowel flora, poss[more]


 For many of us, sex plays a vital role in our health and wellbeing. Research shows that older women are still interested in sex, however, Australia's increasing rates of sexually transmissible infections (STIs) in the over 65s suggests that practising safer sex might not be top of mind. STIs are diseases or infections which can be passed on during close contact with an infected partner. Y[more]


The FluMum Study of over  7000 new mothers across Australia has demonstrated that pregnant women remain reluctant to be vaccinated against influenza , despite extensive scientific evidence regarding the safety of the vaccine to mother and baby and the devastating consequences possible from influenza infection (particularly for the mother).  WA Health has reported that 47% of pregnant wom[more]


The news story combining footage of a young woman experiencing a stroke at her office desk and informing viewers that the young woman had been taking one of the commonly prescribed combined oral contraceptives containing drospirenone was distressing, anxiety provoking viewing. The story will cause some women to question the safety of the combined pill and could see some stopping abruptly out of fe[more]


Simple steps can make a difference to living a more healthy and happy life. Men's Health Week again has a focus on prevention, early detection and education. Some simple steps towards this goal are: Learn about your family history, your genes can influence your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, some forms of cancer, diabetes and some forms of mental health problems.Don't smokeEat [more]


Sign up for On Your Feet Australia , and take the challenge to spend as much of the day as possible on your feet. You will receive a " Quit the Sit" pack with tips and ideas on how to give up your chair . ( Research has demonstrated that sitting increases your risk of chronic disease ( especially diabetes by 112%) , early death by 49%  , cardiovascular [more]


The British Medical Journal has just published a study linking the newer contraceptive pills with a higher risk of blood clots. This finding is not new, several studies published over the past 20 years have similar findings, the first in 1995. Many women stopped their pill as a result and 1995 - 1996 saw an increase of 9% in the abortion rate in the UK and a 25% increase in births ( pregnancy and [more]


June is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month in Australia. About 80 Australians die every week from bowel cancer.  Detecting bowel cancer at an early stage, before symptoms develop is easier to treat and has increased survival rates . Most bowel cancers are diagnosed in those over 50 years of age. The National Bowel Cancer Screening Program ( NBCSP) invites those turning 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, and 75 ye[more]


Bowel cancer is the most common cancer affecting both men and women in Western Australia ( for every 12 people, one person will be diagnosed with bowel cancer). The message from Bowel Cancer Australia for this year's promotion is regarding the increase in people under 50 years of age being diagnosed, and the more significant disease they have at diagnosis possibly due to significant delays in rep[more]


Tobacco kills up to half its users every year, an estimated 6 million people will die as a result of tobacco  worldwide this year. Five million of these deaths are a direct result of tobacco use and more than 600 000 are as a result of passive smoking. Each year WHO celebrates World  No Tobacco Day by highlighting the health risks associated with tobacco use and advocating for effec[more]


A vaccine is available through your GP surgery from the age of two months and older for type B meningococcal disease protection ( it is not yet available through the routine vaccination schedule, but is approved by the TGA and is currently available) and a Type C meningococcal vaccination is included in the routine schedule at 12 months of age. Other strains more commonly found over[more]


Nutrition Australia has released an updated Healthy Eating Pyramid reflecting Australian Dietary Guidelines[more]


HBF Run for a Reason is on Sunday 24 May. It is a great way to raise money for charity and improve your health.[more]


The program follows from an American initiative that started in 2009 and has steadily increased in the number of medical societies involved and broadened to include a number of other countries also adopting the process. Physicians identified tests , treatments and therapies their field over-used and encouraged patients to hold a conversation about these practices with their doctor , to reduce unne[more]


Every month we will reprint an article from the Jean Hailes newsletter.[more]


Moderate intensity exercise improves immune function and several research studies have demonstrated a reduction in both severity and frequency of viral infections in those participating. Exercise  changes the immune system , increasing the benefits over time with repeated sessions. Intense  exercise however, before or during a generalized viral infection ( whole body), particularly with [more]


Relay for Life is the Cancer Council's signature community event to raise funds for research, support services and advocacy. All the money raised is used to support cancer survivors, carers and families. The funds are used in providing research in improving detection and treatment, prevention strategies and education, and support for those affected by cancer. . The Cancer Council is a co[more]


There is considerable pressure on mothers to get it all right and to be in control and know what they are doing and look good, and a royal mother may be under even more scrutiny than others. There is a useful Australian online site providing useful information and advice to parents, to reduce the impacts of emotional and mental health problems, particularly during the first year after the birth.[more]


The Heart Foundation has used Heart Week to raise awareness in the community of the warning signs of a heart attack in past campaigns. This year, the focus is on the importance of activity and the negative impact of inactivity, with the aim of producing a Nationally coordinated physical activity strategy to tackle the issue as a major public health issue. It is estimated that 16,000 deaths a [more]


Pregnant women are consistently at the top of the list of most vulnerable to influenza and have the highest recommendation for influenza vaccination to protect both themselves and their unborn child. Last year in Western Australia, only 50% of pregnant women received the vaccination during their pregnancy. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, the Natio[more]


The National Immunisation Programme has finally commenced for 2015 as forecasts continue to suggest that the influenza season will be severe ( from statistics regarding influenza infection rates and complication rates in the Northern Hemisphere). The delay in the availability of the vaccine and the new option of what some are calling a " super vaccine" has caused some confusion about how[more]


The US National Sleep Foundation announced a new Sleep Guideline this year,  based on a systematic review of 300 scientific sleep studies . The guideline has been adopted by Australia's Sleep Health Foundation and recommends wider sleep ranges for all groups, but particularly those over 65yrs and older. The guidelines recommend the vast majority of people get 7-9 hours sl[more]


The Prime Minister and Health Minister have announced that the Australian Government will stop giving child-care subsidies to most families whose parents refuse to vaccinate their children. Vaccination rates in Australia have risen since the Childhood Immunisation Register was established in 1996, but vaccination exemption rates for children under the age of seven have also risen, especially unde[more]


The PBS changed the prescribing guidelines for testosterone supplementation on the 1st April. GPs must first consult with a urologist, endocrinologist or member of the Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine before starting to prescribe testosterone supplementation for patients. Existing prescriptions will remain valid until 12 months from the date of prescribing or until the repeats h[more]


Australians are expected to spend over $185 million on chocolate over the Easter break. Painted or dyed eggs were given at Easter to symbolise new life, chocolate eggs first appeared in the early 1800's and are still given and enjoyed today. Chocolate ranks as some of the highest kilojoule food available, it is full of sugar and fat and has no dietary fibre,  although pleasant, it does not g[more]


There is no correct answer regarding whether you should disclose to those at work or your employer about a mental health condition. There is no legal requirement to tell either, unless your condition has the potential to affect your performance or endanger either your own or colleagues' safety ( for example operating machinery or making decisions). Neither is there any legal requirement to di[more]


The decision by celebrity Angelina Jolie to have preventative ovarian and fallopian tube surgery to prevent cancer is currently attracting significant media attention. Previous testing had demonstrated that she was carrying high risk genes linked to familial breast and ovarian cancer risk ( her mother died at 56 from ovarian cancer). In her media statement she explained how she had been planning [more]


  Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has received increased media attention over the past couple of weeks. Many find that it can be difficult to make sense of what the research around HRT is telling us. How does it work, what are the benefits and, importantly, what are the risks that come with HRT? HRT is the medical replacement of the female hormones oestrogen, progesterone and sometim[more]


The Western Australian Health Minister announced new recommendations for whooping cough ( pertussis) vaccination for pregnant women will commence in two weeks . The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation and the update to Western Australian  Immunisation Guidelines were both due to finalise recommendations later this year, but have brought forward the change in res[more]


Tragically a small Perth child died from Whooping Cough (Pertussis) this week. Previously it was thought that vaccination against Whooping Cough as a child, rendered people immune for life. We now know this is not necessarily true and over several years there has been pressure on to vaccinate adults, especially those handling babies who are not yet themselves immune. In Australia vac[more]


Recent individual stories in the media have suggested folinic acid as a treatment for anxiety disorders. Folate is a B vitamin needed for DNA synthesis, repair and replication. It is found in green leafy vegetables, citrus, brown rice,  legumes and is added to many processed foods. The synthetic version is folic acid ( the usual supplementation given) which is more rapidly absorbed, but[more]


Bikeweek events have been present on the Western Australian calendar for thirty years and continue this year to celebrate and support those who are cyclists and encouraging others to get on their bikes for transportation, health and lifestyle benefits. The week includes a range of events including Ride2SchoolDay, Giro D' Perth, bike breakfasts, social rides, bicycle a[more]


That Dress has returned to the Internet with the Salvation Army South African's campaign against domestic violence. The campaign photograph shows a heavily bruised woman wearing The dress and asks " Why is it so hard to see black and blue?" and the caption underneath reads " the only illusion is if you think it was her choice. One in six women are victims of abuse. Stop ab[more]


Reports in some headlines suggest that this year the influenza season will be severe, particularly following the past two milder seasons.The National Influenza Immunisation Program has been delayed by almost a month to be launched on 20th April, due to supply problems following the reformulation of the vaccine.  Two strain changes were required (as advised by the WHO)  from the[more]


Independent garden centres and nursery suppliers around Australia will be raising money and promoting community awareness of anxiety and depression as serious problems this weekend with gardening as one of the beneficial strategies in coping with these symptoms.  Outdoors, gardening and open green spaces benefit both physical and mental wellbeing. The theme is " something blue"[more]


Another study has been published supporting the benefits of moderate coffee intake for heart disease risk. Researchers analyzed data from over 25000 South Korean office workers, who underwent regular health screening. The group was the same for gender, smoking status, alcohol intake, age  body fat and blood pressure readings. The level of atherosclerosis measured on heart scans was highest [more]


A panel of the American Institute of Medicine ( commissioned by the US Department of Health and Human Services ) released a report advising that the complicated illness that has been called chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or myalgic encephalitis (ME) has a new definition and new name : systemic exertion intolerance disease ( SEID).  The disease has long defied classification, be[more]


That Sugar Film has been released for cinemas and the tie-in book became a best seller. Australian actor, Damon Gameau follows a diet without refined sugars and processed foods and then during the entertaining documentary, eats the equivalent of 40 teaspoons of sugar daily over 60 days, documenting his health effects and state of mind. The film gives sugar a similar treatment to that given to[more]


Research shows two out of three smokers will die as a result of their smoking. The Australian National University and Sax Institute have just released findings from studying 200 000 people demonstrating the concerning statistic and that,  compared to non-smokers, those who smoke die 10 years earlier.  Those who consider themselves light smoker of 10 cigarettes a day double[more]


Beyond Blue relaunched its National Anxiety Campaign, following results of a survey  by the organisation demonstrated a significant number of the 700 people aged 25-45 years  believed that anxiety affected only a small proportion of the community, knew that anxiety was not part of an individual's personality and believed that anxiety was " just stress". The Australian Bur[more]


Jean Hailes is regarded throughout Australia as a leader in women's healthcare. Here is a copy of their February Newsletter. More informaton is available on their website: [more]


Smiling Mind launched a campaign on 16 th February called #7days7ways.[more]


The Dietician's Association of Australia promote events to help raise awareness of the importance of achieving and maintaining at health lifestyle and weight, offering tips for weight management . Traits of successful weight losers were tracked since 1994 in a U.S. Study of 10 000 people who shed 13 kg or more and maintained  their weight lose for more than a year , the common factors were: [more]


One kilogram bags of Nannas frozen mixed berries have been recalled from supermarkets across Australia due to possible contamination . The berries have a two year shelf life and any products purchased from October 2014 onwards could be affected. No other products have been recalled. The recall was made after several cases of hepatitis A diagnosed in Victoria have no travel, restaurant or food lin[more]


How can I take care of my physical heart as well as my "emotional" heart?[more]


The causes of Ovarian cancer are unknown, and research in Australia and Overseas is underway regarding the various factors. Ovarian Cancer Australia has several fundraising projects during February raising money for research ( The CancerHelpUK website has up to date information regarding research pilots and current trends. There are factors that may increase or decrease the[more]


This year, 1400 women will be diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and 900 of them will die from the disease.[more]


Are you struggling to keep to New Year Health Goals? FebFast may be the extra support you need.[more]


It is estimated that 1 in 4 Australians take fish oil supplements daily because of suggested benefits in heart disease risk, diabetes, mental health, arthritis and cognitive improvement. Sales of supplements from 2013 were estimated as growing from $200 million annually.The fish oil capsules we buy may not contain the active ingredient levels stated on the label and the oil in the supplements in m[more]


Half of all men are balding by the age of 50 years ,called androgenic alopecia , the change in hair growth over the vertex and front of the scalp that occurs . It is a complicated inherited tendency combined with the effect of circulating androgen hormones that leads to progressive shrinkage of the scalp follicles. Once commenced, hair is lost from the margins at a rate of 5-10% per year[more]


Drinking enough water is vital for life and to maintain short and long term health. Water regulates our temperature, transports nutrients and compounds in blood, removes waste in the urine and is involved in joint lubrication. Fluid loss is affected by age, genetics , body size, fitness , environment and activity Marketing of individual bottles of water has resulted in many myths about fluid in[more]


Many trends cost a significant amount of money and time and there is often little evidence to show a health benefit.  Food trends from 2014 appeared to involve being free of something, gluten , sugar, carbohydrates, dairy or anything discovered after 10000 years ago. Food ethics, benefits, economics, culture and provenance have also become more important. Activated almonds: these are[more]


People have been making resolutions for the New Year for thousands of years as evidence from ancient Babylonian writings have shown. There is some evidence that's making resolutions at the beginning of a year is more successful than at other times, but also evidence that we tend to set unrealistic goals and are unable to maintain the resolution for very long. Small, realistic changes to improve [more]


The XXVII Hopman Cup tennis tournament has begun at the Perth Arena and watching the tennis may inspire some to pick up a racket and play , but often without the training and technique of the regular tennis players, leading to elbow pain and what is known as Tennis Elbow.[more]


Detox is a popular theme and idea in the health and weight loss world. In particular, we may be encouraged to detox after over-indulging during the Christmas and holiday break. The concept is based on the idea that there are accumulated toxins requiring removal, many claiming intestinal sluggishness allows the gut contents to putrefy and release the toxins to the bloodstream and contribute to ma[more]


This time of the year and holidays come with opportunities to overindulge on food, alcohol, partying and to stop exercise routines. Although " pretox" and " detox" are non-scientific concepts, some practical suggestions to minimize the toll celebrating and lack of routine can take on your health while enjoying the season are: Eat breakfast, try to include protein rich foodstu[more]


Several tragic events in 2014 involved Australians going about everyday, common, usually not considered life-threatening activities such as flying overseas and going to a café, and the current extensive and ongoing media and social media analysis following the Sydney Siege can increase our sense of fear about our own safety and that of those we know and love, and contribute to feelings that t[more]


The events that unfolded in Sydney will have a significant impact on many of us, leaving emotionally distressing and challenging feelings for some. . The events were seemingly random, unexpected and occurred where people were going about their daily activities believing that they were safe. These are some of the factors that trigger fear and threaten our core beliefs about our safety, even wh[more]


The many people who have treated Ebola patients in the recent outbreak have been named as the " Person" of the year. " Doctors who wouldn't quit even as their colleagues fell ill and died, nurses comforting patients while standing in slurries of mud, vomit and faeces The Ebola Fighters are the Time person of the year". They take the title from the 2013 Time magazine , person of[more]


The Health Department issued a warning regarding measles after a man who contracted measles in Bali, travelled to Fremantle, about the southern suburbs, the Domestic Airport and two food outlets between December 3rd and December 9th whilst  infectious for measles. A list of dates, times and places is available on the Department of Health's website. Those born after 1966 who have not had two[more]


A Victorian Toddler dies and four others have become seriously unwell after drinking contaminated raw milk[more]


Celebrity Chef Pete Evans announced on Facebook his preference for Alkaline Water, citing many benefits. Several AMA representatives have since responded, reminding us that despite the regard we hold for various celebrities, including chefs, they usually have no scientific background to make health and environmental claims, and their fans may put their health and their families health at risk w[more]


Consensus guidelines on prostate cancer screening advises us that in asymptomatic men the digital rectal examination is not recommended. The draft guidelines have been developed by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, Cancer Council Australia, Urologists and Pathologists. The recommendations are: Two yearly PSA testing for asymptomatic men between the ages of 50 and 69yrs who wish to h[more]


Research was presented this week from the Peter McCallum Cancer Centre regarding predicted or actual drug interactions from complimentary medicines (CAM) when taken with chemotherapy, radiotherapy or before surgery. It has been estimated by various research groups that up to 70% of the cancer population are using CAM products. Excluding vitamins and minerals, the ten most commonly asked about CA[more]


A doughnut chain opened last week, breaking the company record for selling the most doughnuts in one day, 73 000 in a frenzy unlike anything seen here. This is equivalent to more than 800kg of sugar and 950kg of fat. The nutritional information on the website gives the original glazed donut as having 160 Calories,13g fat ( 2.5 teaspoons)  11g sugar (3 teaspoons ) or 70 minutes or moderate pa[more]


The Oxford Dictionary announced the Word of the Year for 2014 is vape, ( the act of using an electronic cigarette, as there is no smoke, only vapour) as Japanese researchers released evidence that significant levels of carcinogens are released in the vapour produced by several types of e- cigarette liquids during the act of " vaping". Electronic cigarettes ( e- cigarettes ) are battery [more]


Figures were released revealing that 114 Australians aged over 50yrs drowned between July 2012 and June 2013, an increase of 30% with 80% being male. Several reasons were given for the increasing numbers of deaths. Many men had returned to water activities to improve fitness after a long break from exercise and underestimated their current abilities, many had underlying medical conditio[more]


The 2014 theme for World Aids day is " Focus, Partner, Achieve: an AIDS-free Generation". AIDS awareness week, culminating in World AIDS Day is an annual event that provides an opportunity to have people think about how we can stop the spread of HIV, reduce its impact and overcome HIV discrimination. There is now the possibility of reducing the risk of contracting HIV infection, n[more]


The podcast Serial has been the most downloaded and popular podcast in history The producers re-examine the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee, a Maryland teenager and the subsequent conviction by her former boyfriend Adnan Syed (of first degree murder )on the reported memories of another teenager, Jay. There is very little or no physical evidence linking Adnan to the crime, however he is currently s[more]


EBOLA VIRUS   If you are a returned traveller from West Africa and have developed a fever you are advised to call the dedicated Ebola hotline on 1800 186 815 and NOT to present to your GP surgery.   The Office of Health Protection (OHP) has now released updated advice on the evaluation of patients with possible Ebolavirus disease (Ebola). The advice also provides important reassuran[more]


The Department of Health has released a warning regarding Ross River Virus in the South-West . Recent above average rainfall and increase water lying around the District has contributed to make mosquito control difficult. To reduce the risk of Mosquito bites: avoid outdoors exposure around dusk and dawnwear long, loose-fitting and light-coloured clothing when outdoorsapply personal repellent s[more]


Musicians Unite to help Ebola Victims - Do They Know its Christmas released 17th November 2014[more]


Finding cancer early, significantly improves your chance of successful treatment and survival. [more]


The launch of the action week coincided with the announcement that cricket legend,  Richie Benaud's planned return to the commentary box this summer is dependant on his response to radiation therapy for skin cancer.  By 70 years,two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer. It is one of the most preventable cancers. National Action Week is a joint initiative from the Canc[more]


The ABC science affairs program Catalyst is due to screen an episode on 13 November that makes a strong claim that  losing weight and tackling the obesity epidemic will be achieved by replacing  daily carbohydrate intake with fat. Not ever-one is comfortable with the promotion of this dietary guideline, in particular the Heart Foundation and Dieticians Association of Australia. The prog[more]


Insomnia is a common complaint. Over a third of people experience insomnia occasionally. Short term insomnia is caused by stressful life events, jet lag, changes in sleep environment, stimulant medications and some acute medical conditions and longer term,  depression or anxiety disorders. The amount of sleep a person needs varies depending on age, lifestyle, diet, personality and environmen[more]


Apps for fitness and health tracking, calorie counting and logging the distance walked or run are currently used to good effect increasingly. Sleep Apps are also available in increasing numbers as we recognize the importance of sleep to help body, mind and moods. Good sleep helps concentration, creativity , memory and logical thinking. Rest helps avoid weight gain and improves appearance. Rest als[more]


The purpose of the celebrations is to promote an intergenerational celebration of seniors, recognise and thank seniors for their contributions, challenge negative stereotypes of seniors and present a positive image of aging and encourage younger Western Australians to improve their health and well-being by recognising the importance health plays for later life. There are many ways [more]


It has been estimated that more than 15 million people experience traveller's diarrhoea each year, it most often occurs during the first week of travel.[more]


The University of WA released their top ten tips for exams last week, based on strategies that have worked for previous students. [more]


Many thousands of people are expected in Albany for the weekend of November 1st 2014, to commemorate and reflect on a 100 years since the first convoy set sail from Albany with 3000 WA troops joining the Australian and New Zealand convoy leaving for Gallipoli and the First World War.[more]


Every year over 14,100 women and 120 men are diagnosed with breast cancer. Everyone wants to reduce their individual risk of developing breast cancer, some factors associated with risk can not be reduced and others can be altered by making changes, particularly to lifestyle[more]


The Movember Foundation is a global Men's Health Movement, which aims to change the status of men's health, by changing current patterns of thinking and behaviour. The Foundation uses a moustache, bringing a change and opportunity to talk about health and to take action.[more]


The answer depends on the intensity and duration of your workout. Water is generally sufficient unless exercise lasts more than an hour, after which an isotonic sports drink can be of benefit. Food Standards Australia place restrictions on the formulation of Sports Drinks, as a result the sports drinks sold in Australia are very similar in composition. Sports drinks are of benefit when exercising [more]


St. George's Terrace in the City will be coloured pink with Breast Screen WA banners as a reminder to women 40 years or over to have their free screening mammograms every two years. This coincides with a Breast Screen WA information display in the Murray St Mall on Friday 24 October.One in eight women in Australia will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Did you know? Breast cancer cann[more]


This is a  National behaviour change programme, celebrating bike commuting within the workplace. Riding to work is a great way to include physical exercise into your daily routine. The benefits include reducing greenhouse emissions, avoiding traffic snarls, improving your health and feeling invigorated .  Bicycling WA is celebrating in the Peth CBD with a breakfast at the Perth Conc[more]


Much is made of the importance of good nutrition for physical performance, but as our diets become more processed and nutrient poor, more evidence is being found demonstrating the importance of key foods and nutrients for cognition, memory and concentration. 1.       General vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, particularly Vitamin B1 and B12 have been linked to reduce[more]


October 12 marks the beginning of National Nutrition Week[more]


Several things to try; 1. Get support from family and friends Talk about your feelings and thoughtsBe with people who care about you and keep away from those who criticise youSpend time alone if you need toGet support from your faith communityAsk someone to stay with you for a few hours a day 2. Relax Do things that you know relax you and make you feel goodBe kind, gentle and patient with [more]


Nearly fifty percent of all Australians will experience at least one episode of mental ill health in our lives. Almost everyone is affected in some way, directly or as family, friends, carers and colleagues.  Mental Health is the challenge of our times. The aim of Mental Health Week is to promote social and emotional wellbeing in the Community. The theme is to Make a Move Towards Better Men[more]


In the 10 years leading to 2013, 33 cyclists were killed and 1097 injured. An education campaign kicked off for four months across radio, outdoor and online mediums to encourage a culture of respect and awareness between cyclists and drivers on WA roads. The need for a media campaign has been highlighter by the increasing figures for cycling fatalities and serious injuries. [more]


It is a preventable infectious disease, spread by droplets ( cough or sneeze) and can have serious complications requiring hospitalization. Measles cases are being diagnosed at a rate of one per week. The highest number of cases in fifteen years. The WA Health Authorities have announced that approximately half the cases were unvaccinated children and forty four percent have been adults aged 20-40[more]


The aim of the National Day, by the Pink Hope Organisation, is to start a conversation about your hereditary breast and ovarian health.[more]


The fourteenth case of Meningococcal Meningitis was admitted to Hospital in Perth for this year. [more]


An Edith Cowan study from a rural mine site in Western Australia found 83% of workers were overweight or obese. The Public Health Association conference in Perth we're told that FIFO workers had excessive levels of salt and saturated fat in their diet.[more]


BreastScreen WA has issued a warning regarding an unregistered charity operating under the name of Breast Cancer Australia. The group has been canvassing for donations via telephone and door- to-door . Breast Cancer Australia is not associated with any reputable breast cancer charities. To check whether a charity is registered visit


The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her second child, and has been forced to cancel her scheduled engagements due to morning sickness.[more]


A recently published Australian Study revealed that women believe factors causing breast cancer, from genetically modified foodstuffs to electronic devices are at odds with current evidence.[more]


Ebola is still in the news. The number of cases in West Africa continues to climb.[more]


We are constantly advised of the benefits of Meditation in reducing stress, improving focus, improving sleep, enhancing creativity and day to day perspective. An online meditation website and App called Headspace is an excellent introduction, offering free initial 10 day ,10 minute guide. The basics of meditation and how to practice simple mindfulness techniques are provided.[more]


Cycling Australia, supported by MountainBike Australia, AustCycle, the Amy Gillette Foundation and our State cycling Associations has developed a programme to provide women with skills ( ie how to change a tyre, the etiquette of riding in a pelleton, ) , knowledge , motivation and the opportunity to create a social connection with other women over a series of weekly sessions. It is an excellent w[more]


From 1-5 September take part in this FREE online event with a host of women's health experts and celebrity ambassadors. Each day discover different articles, videos, podcasts, recipes, tools and more. This year's topic is 'Confidence ? learn, think, do'. [more]


Testosterone supplementation was in the medical headlines in June when the US  Food and Drug Administration announced an investigation into the risk of myocardial infarction, stroke and death in men taking it . Supplementation is not recommended without an associated medical condition but an Australian Trial is currently enrolling patients to determine whether it is safe and beneficial in pre[more]


CBD West Medical would like to send a good luck message to those competing in the fortieth Chevron City to Surf for Activ. You might wish to read our article about choosing a pre-event meal.[more]


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Ebola is still in the news. The number of cases in West Africa continues to climb. [more]